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5 Smart Ways to Make Money on the Internet | Make Money From Home

5 Smart Ways to Make Money From Home

5 Smart Ways to Make Money From Home

Do you want to know how to make money from home or with the convenience of your laptop or mobile office? Millions of people worldwide search for smart ways to make money on the internet.

The internet has created a virtual tsunami of marketing opportunities for internet marketers and small business owners who want to make money online. 3 Billion people use their laptops or PCs to search the internet for information everyday. 5 billion people use their smart phone, iPad or electronic reading device to locate information on the internet.

In this article I will present 5 smart ways to make money on the internet starting with:

Start a Blog

Whatever you are wildly passionate about from mushrooms to flying airplanes to music reviews can be the subject for a blog. Bloggers make money online by writing posts and articles about their areas of passion and expertise.  Some bloggers like John Chow and Amy Andrews blog about blogging. Any subject that excites you enough to pour out an endless stream of interesting information could be the subject for a blog.

Bloggers with excellent content attract followers. The way to make money at home with a blog is through advertising. Most new bloggers sign up for Google Adsense.  Google will place ads in the sidebar of your website.  Bloggers make money when visitors click on ads.  The more traffic you have on your website, the more clicks you get from ads and the more money you make.

The key to making money with advertising is to have content that is well-written and consistently interesting so that visitors will have a reason to return.

Google is not the only ad game in town. Ads can come in the form of banner ads, text link ads, Pay per Click ads or affiliate ads from multiple online advertising companies.

Bloggers can also make money by writing reviews of products and getting paid a commission for every person they send to the product promoter.

Become an Affiliate


Make money 24 Hours a day with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the top ways to make money from home.  All you need is a laptop and a website.  Companies will pay you handsomely to put their link on your website. Every time a customer from your website makes a purchase you get paid a commission.

You can have one or several affiliate links on your site. The basic rule of thumb with affiliate marketing is not to spread yourself too thin.  You need to actively promote your affiliate partner in order to make money from an affiliate.

You could have multiple static micro-niche sites in different niches with each niche promoting related affiliates.  While this is a viable strategy,  I prefer to add value with meaningful content to my followers first and then use a  “best of the best” approach with affiliate programs to complement my website content.  I would rather go with fewer affiliates that I have tried, understand and can be loyal to than to clutter my site with the latest money-making offers.

Personally, sites with lots of pop-up in your face boxes and multiple flashing affiliate adds are a turn off for me.  I love the honest approach of adding enormous value and building credibility by presenting great content and being very selective when it comes to promoting affiliates. You will notice very few affiliates on this site.  The affiliates I promote are those whose products I have tried and know with 100% certainty I can recommend.

See my list of affiliate partners here.

Sell Your Own Products

My favorite way to make money on the internet is by selling my own private label products. I have great news for you.  If you are not feeling up to original product creation–no worries! There are a number of ways to develop products for distribution. Get my 24 Hour Millionaire Toolkit to learn more but…

If you have a knack for design, you can submit your design to Cafe Press.  Cafe Press will help you customize items to sell through your website or blog. Sell unique T-Shirts, canvass bags, book covers, coffee mugs or anything else you can think of through Cafe Press.

You can ride the information wave and create a variety of high quality information products like eBooks, PDF Reports, MP3Files, podcasts, Smart Phone Apps, online seminars, teleseminars and so forth. Selling information products has produced millions for internet marketers with expertise in a specialized subject.

Don’t sell your self short by being intimidated about creating your own information product. Once you catch on to a few techniques, you can easily learn how to get original high-quality products by directing outsourcers from Fiverr, eLance, ODesk or other sources to do the product development for you.

You can also find labs and manufacturers to produce health supplements and diet-aid products with your own label for you to sell on your website.

Blue Diamond ArrowIf you want to start a blog, take advantage of affiliate marketing, sell retail or wholesale products or sell your own product online, you need to build your own website.  I can show you how to get started in less than 60 seconds.

Click Here on this link to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate University–The Number 1 eLearning university for starting your own online business from scratch.

Do Freelance Work

Free lance work is a great make money at home opportunity. Doing freelance work in an area of your personal expertise could easily generate an extra thousand or more per month.

Freelancers are different from bloggers.  To be successful,  freelancers need to have more experience than bloggers.

Freelancers can find a variety of gigs from writing, graphic design to marketing and website design.

For freelance opportunities check out Fiverr, eLance, oDesk or Gurus.com.

Become a Virtual Assistant

Make money as a virtual assistant.

Make money as a virtual assistant.

If working from home by being self-employed is what you want check out these work from home opportunities:

  • WestAtHome.com
  • AlpineAccess.com
  • Accolade Support.com
  • Programingfrom Home.com
  • BalanceYourBooks.com
  • AmericanAirlines.com
  • VirtualVocations.com



I only gave you five ways to make money from home in this post.  To learn more, download my FREE REPORT, My Top Ten Favorite Ways to Make Money On the Internet.

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