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Building a Website or Building an Online Business Part 1| 24 Hour Millionaire Coach

Your website connects you with the world.

Your website connects you with the world.

Almost anyone can build a website these days with the advent of so many free website building sites. But building a website and building an online business require different skill sets and different strategies in order to truly make money from home. This 2-Part Series post will discuss the requirements of building a website or building an online business.

First let me tell you, I love the lifestyle that comes from running a successful online business.  I guess I’m a serial Netrpreneuer at heart. I get to work at home each day, set my own schedule, choose my own projects to work on and enjoy an abundant income. In fact, I know of no other method to reach your income goals while actually working fewer hours than you did by owning an offline business or being a full-time employee.

Whether you opt for building a website or building an online business, the first four requirements I outline in this post are the same, namely:

  1. Owning the right domain name
  2. Choosing a website host
  3. Launching a website on your domain name
  4. Getting your site ranked in search engines

Before I tell you about the additional requirements for building an online business, let’s go through the first four requirements.

Owning the Right Domain Name

Owning the right domain name is the first thing any website builder or online business entrepreneur must do after choosing their niche market. Many website builders search for the right domain name based upon a selection of keywords that get a lot of searches. Although this is still a widely used technique, Google has recently updated its algorithms to make keyword domains less important in their ranking system. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use keywords in your domain name, but it does mean that you shouldn’t count on top first page ranking just because of choosing your domain name.

For that reason, many people prefer to go for more of a brand name.  Some names are more “brandable” than others.  Websites like Forbes.com, Fool.com (Motley Fool) or even made-up names like Fit-bie.com are examples of brand domain names.

Your domain name should be short, easy to remember and easy to spell. The right domain name will be used in the title of your website.  Your domain name is your URL (Universal Resource Locator).  Just like a brick and mortar business has a Yellow Page listing, your domain name helps people locate your website in the internet search engines.

In order to protect your domain name, I recommend registering a .com extension along with a .net and  .org.  That way you can keep poachers from stealing away loyal visitors to your site.  Don’t fret, all of the extension names you choose can be pointed to your main site so don’t be afraid to grab them.

Keep in mind, your domain name is a part of your brand.  So if you intend to build a successful online business, you need to spend some time thinking about and choosing the right domain name.

You can purchase a domain name from a number of sources.  Some domain name registrars like Register.com charge an outrageous annual fee of up to $35.00 per year.  You do not need to pay that!

My personal favorite has always been GoDaddy.  GoDaddy offer free website templates, private listings and excellent customer service. I have also used Namecheap.com but most of my domain names are registered at GoDaddy.
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Choosing a Website Host

There are many choices for website hosts.  I have had experience with both good and bad website hosts.  Let me tell you about the bad first so you don’t make the same mistake I did.

My first website was one that I ended up scrapping.  It came about as a “free offer” from a scam outfit called HomeProfit Systems. HPS offered a free website hosted by Brainhost.

Now if you check out Rippoff Reports you will see a number of unhappy BrainHost customers. Turns out Brainhost is a hosting reseller hooked into dozens of online marketers that are great at hard up sells but short on delivering any real value.

When choosing a website host, check out consumer reviews, compare pricing and check out their support desk. Of course the most important thing to look for is guaranteed reliability for making sure your site is always online.

With Brainhost, my site was down for days at a time.  Lesson learned. My choices for web hosting are:

  1. BlueHost
  2. HostGator
  3. GoDaddy

All three are very reliable with up time guarantees of 99%.

Launching a Website on Your Domain Name

Launching a website on your domain name is the third requirement for both building a website and building an online business. With the advent of WordPress, launching a website on your domain name has never been easier.

WordPress offers more than 1,000 free themes which makes launching a website on your domain name very inexpensive. When choosing a theme, look for newer themes that are compatible with mobile applications.  While the internet gets daily traffic from 3 billion worldwide PC and laptop users, researchers point out that more than 5 billion users search the internet with readers, iPhones, android phones and iPads.

Keep in mind, if a theme is free it requires more plugins to make it operate the way you want it too. For that reason, I recommend looking at some of the more popular themes that are supported from their developers.  My top picks for reasonably priced WordPress themes are:

  •  Optimize Press–use Optimize Press to build eye-catching landing pages, sales pages and membership sites; includes dozens of buttons, call out boxes and call-to-action forms
  • Elegant Themes–more than 85 stunning, easy to use themes with unparalleled support

 Getting Your Site Ranked in Search Engines

Getting your site ranked in search engines is probably one of the most needed yet misunderstood elements of building a website or building an online business. If you choose to build a personal website and launch it for family and friends, getting ranked in search engines is of no consequence.  But if your purpose is to build an online business to replace the income from your job or to improve your income or just to make more money from home, then getting your site ranked in the search engines is of major importance.

You must use credible SEO techniques to get your website highly ranked in the search engines. I mention “credible” SEO techniques because the major changes in the Google algorithms that have gotten many internet marketing scam software banned.

The best way to get your website highly ranked with Google and other search engines is to build content rich webpages and do back linking to your site through article writing, social networking and videos on YouTube and Vimeo.

Understand that just because your site is listed or indexed does not guarantee traffic.  You have to make sure that your website is ready for the search engines if you are building a money-making online business.

Getting your site ranked in the search engines requires a coordinated effect between your page title, the content of your post or page and the number of quality back links from articles or other websites that reference your site as an authority and of course the amount of traffic you get from social media.

Never fall for internet marketing scam programs that promote hundreds of back links to your site.  Google considers that to be “unnatural linking” since anyone with a credit card can do it. The other thing that does is to ruin your credibility and authenticity with your followers.

If you are serious about building an online business, stay tuned for my next post where I will help you discover the importance of the next five elements which include:

  • Develop Laser Focus
  • Consistent Marketing Habits
  • Relating to Your Audience
  • Making Money With Your Online Business
  • Making Continual Improvements

 Thanks for reading!

I hope you gained greater confidence and clarity about building a website or building and online business.

Please help other readers by leaving your comments in the comment section of this post.

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