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Building High Traffic Websites-Part 1

If you want to know the secret to online business success it’s simple become skillful in building high traffic websites. Create a high traffic website and you can make money online. Create multiple high traffic websites and you can become a self-made millionaire.

Building a high traffic website is essential for online business success.

Building a high traffic website is essential for making money online.

Building high traffic websites is essential to online business success. Think of a website as an online business platform for selling products and/or services. That means, to be successful not only do you need a well-designed website, you also need to become a master at sales and marketing.

While there are many different website builders, not all will meet your expectation for building high traffic websites. Some even offer to build your site for free.  But a word of advice…watch out…you are headed toward the land of endless up sells with little to no support when you need it.

In this series of posts, I will outline and discuss the 6 basic rudiments that are essential in building high traffic websites::

  1. Choose a Profitable Niche
  2. Choose an Appealing Domain Name
  3. Make Sure Your Web Hosting Plan is Reliable, Supportive and Cost-Effective
  4. Choose a Flexible Website-Building Platform
  5. Focus on Driving Traffic to Your Website
  6. Leverage Your Efforts with Website Automation


This post will cover the first two rudiments to building a high traffic website which are:

-1- Choose a Profitable Niche

It took me a few failed website attempts before I really understood the importance of choosing a profitable niche for building high traffic websites. I picked a niche I thought would be profitable but I had no one to mentor me and I soon ran out of steam. I’m here to help you learn from my mistakes and make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

Start with one of the big four niche categories…Success, Relationships, Health and Beauty, and Money and Business…and then narrow down your selection into a niche within the category. Websites that draw high traffic and make money which is the objective of a successful online business, are micro-niched sites that appeal to a specific group of people.

For example, within the Money and Business category there are a number of niches like, “how to make money from home”, “starting an online business”, “passive income from business”, “how to profit from day trading”, “online jobs for stay-at-home moms” and so on. Finding a profitable niche comes first from your passion and knowledge about a subject and second from what people are searching for online.

Start by making a list of things for which you have a great deal of passion and then order your list into subjects that you can write about easily. After you’ve done that, you must determine how great the demand is for the niches you are considering. The greater the demand (measured in number of monthly searches), the greater the potential is for making money.

To measure demand look at the market niches in big name retailers like Amazon, Ask.com, Dummies.com, and Google Adsense. Each of these industry giants sell in multiple niches. All you need to do is look at the books, products and categories and then select your money-making niche.

The reason you need to narrow your niche is simple.  if you don’t you will get swallowed up in a huge sea of competition.  Let’s say for example, that you know a lot about raising kids.  You could choose raising children as your niche but you would be much better off to choose a narrower niche like “raising teenagers on a budget” or go even more narrow with “affordable shoe for teenage boys”.

Maybe you love gardening.  Narrow your niche down to “organic backyard gardening”. If you love decorating, narrow your niche down to “beautiful bathrooms” or “elegant tablescapes”.  Get the picture?

-2- Choose an Appealing Domain Name

Once you have selected your niche you are ready to choose a domain name for your website. What I know to do now that I didn’t know when I created my first website is to make a list of at least twenty-five high ranking, low competition keywords before selecting the domain name (URL) of your website. You need to use a keyword research tool to find these choice keywords.

High ranking key words are those words or combination of words that people type into their Google, Bing or Yahoo browser when they are looking for information.  These words provide what the search engines term as “organic searches”.

Here is an example using the keyword phrase of “make money online” typed into a Google search browser. Take a look at the screenshot of the blog posts and articles that are found on the first page of Google.

Researching keywords help to improve page ranking in Google.

Researching keywords help to improve page ranking in Google.

Use keywords you want to rank for in your titles and meta tag descriptions.

Use keywords you want to rank for in your titles and meta tag descriptions.

My blog post, “How to Make Money With An Online Business”, ranks number 7 on page 1 of Google. Getting dozens of pages and blog posts to rank on the the first couple of pages of Google, Yahoo and Bing is one sure way to drive traffic to your website.

Understanding how to do keyword search will help you with two important aspects of building your website 1) getting highly ranked in the search engines and 2) selecting good titles for your website posts and your domain name.

Once you discover that the keywords you want to use are high ranking and get a significant amount of searches, you will have an easier time in selecting the domain name for your website.  Many successful web developers use high ranking keywords in the URL of their website which is a good idea to model.

If you simply cannot find a domain name with high ranking keywords in the title, do not despair. Proper use of the SEO All in One Plug In will help  you get the keywords you want to rank for to show up on the search engines. And, consider this, many successful websites like “Amazon”, “QuickSprout” and “Fitbe”are built on a name for the purpose of branding.

Bottom line…be thoughtful about picking your domain name and then register it.

When choosing a domain name you can choose a name to brand like “Amazon” or you can choose a name that accurately describes your niche like, “FinancialFreedomOnline.com” or “FastBellyFatLoss.com.

A third possibility for choosing a domain name is to brand yourself in the name like, “BobSmithCoaching” or “OnlineMarketingwithMaryMartin”.

How to Do Smart Keyword Search

Start by using Google Key Word Tool Box. This is a great free resource that can help you narrow your search by how many people are searching online for your niche. Even better is to use a more sophisticated keyword search tool like Jaaxy built by the founders of Wealthy Affiliate.

Jaaxy is a sophisticated keyword search tool that helps you find keywords and keyword phrases that get a high amount of searches but are still competitive.  Using a tool like Jaaxy makes it far more likely that your article or blog post will end up on page 1 of Google.

Jaaxy provides three important keyword metrics. Within minutes using these keyword metrics alone, I can put together awesome keyword lists, ones that will get ranked in Google with ease. Jaaxy offers 30 free keyword searches.  After that it is a mere $19.95 a month…not a bad price for getting your website pages highly ranked.

Domain Registrars

Once you have selected your domain name, I recommend NameCheap. You can get a domain name for as little as $7.99 for one year. You will be asked to renew your domain name yearly. So far, NameCheap offers a more reasonable renewal rate than some of the other popular domain name hosts.

GoDaddy is another popular domain name registrar.  Of the two, NameCheap has lower renewal fees but GoDaddy provides more robust customer support as well as other helpful features like share site hosting.

In my next post, I’ll give you some great information on website hosting plans and platforms.

 Have a question or a comment?  Post it below and I will respond personally.  Be sure to check out my page on Google+.



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  1. Peggy

    Hi, Rebecca! You have a lovely and informative website. I’m sorry I didn’t find my way here long before now. You have a trove of crucial info here for the aspiring online marketer. You have so much info that I found it hard to leave the site…I was busy taking notes! I will be back again…Thank you for helping we Newbies. It is truly appreciated!

    1. Coach Rebecca

      Hi Peggy. I’m glad you found my site. Online marketing is truly the quickest route to true wealth. Let me know how I can help you on your journey. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Todd Turner-Sow

    Great info. Can I email you please? Tks Todd

    1. Coach Rebecca

      Hello Todd, Thanks for your comment. Feel free to email me with questions. rebecca@24hourmillionairecoach.com

  3. Sharon Koenig

    Thanks for your post Rebecca! One of the aspects I think deserves to be discussed is writing with keywords in mind. And more than that, is writing to speak to the audience. If I could change anything for my blogs, it would have been post more often in the first year. It’s just a huge undertaking.

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