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Self-Made Millionaires Create Their Own Reality | 5 Steps to Millionaire Success

Having a clear vision of success leads to millionaire wealth.

Millionaire wealth starts with a clear vision of success.

Rich dreaming leads to rich thinking. Almost everyone dreams of having a better life.  That dream for you may include a nicer home, vacations for your family, education for your kids or having a better car. Self-made millionaires create their own reality by turning dreams into goals and goals into action steps.

Whether you dream of becoming a millionaire or just improving your income, this article on how self-made millionaires create their own reality with 5 Steps to Millionaire Success will show you the process to use and the practical action steps to take.

The system I am about to show you works for everyone. Regardless of where you find yourself in life, you can improve your life and realize your vision of success.

Start by realizing that you can Be, Do and Have whatever you want in life. Whether you realize it or not, you were created with potential to develop into your best possible self.  With that potential comes the power to create wealth.

You create wealth when you give your life energy to bring value to others. The more value you create for others, the more wealth you create for yourself. Wealth comes as you apply the right actions toward your vision for success and financial freedom. The more positive action you take, the sooner you will see results.

Financial success is a cumulative effect of desire, vision, and action.  The desire you have, the vision you hold and the action you take will determine the results you get.

Step One: Clarify Your Vision

Do you want to change your income and net worth? Having a positive vision for solving the problems of the present or the challenges of the future is the most powerful catalyst for changing your financial status that you can engage.

If you can see yourself helping a starving crowd of people get what they desperately want, you can create wealth.But to do that you need a crystal clear vision. The clearer you are about your vision, the easier it will be to focus upon. Meditate on your vision of success until it becomes crystal clear.

Whatever you can conceive and passionately believe you can achieve. Think about ways to improve existing products or services. Think about apps you can build for smart phones and Kindle Readers or templates you can make for users of WordPress.  Do you love gardening?  What can you think of to help home gardeners?  Do you love cooking?  How can you help working moms put healthy meals on the table in 30 minutes or less?  What vision do you have to help writers, athletes, health enthusiasts, musicians, game lovers, or pet owners?

Think big. Dream big dreams.  Solve big problems.  Put your vision into action and money will follow.

Step Two: Establish Specific Goals

Make sure your goals are specific and measurable.

Make sure your goals are specific and measurable.

Once your vision is clear, take the next step and write down specific goals. Goals are like the compass for your brain. Decide exactly what you want to have in your life in each area and write it down.

Make each goal clear, specific, measurable and actionable. Having a goal to make a lot of money and be happy is not a clear goal. How much money do you want to make?  How much money do you need each month to hit your goal for financial freedom? Exactly what do you want to have your vision of happiness?

For each goal you set, write down one or two strategies and at least three action steps you can take to bring your goal closer to reality. Recognize that as you make progress toward your goal, other steps you need to take will occur to you.

Step Three:Take Daily Action

It’s one thing to have a goal; it’s an entirely different thing to have a committed goal in which you make a firm, no-holds barred decision to follow-through to realization. The ability to make a good decision and follow through with committed actions are the two biggest deciders of whether or not you will achieve lifetime millionaire status.

Many people are under the impression that millionaires lead a “charmed life” as though they were kissed at birth by magical fairies that brought favor and opportunity to them while everyone else got a lump of coal and a kick in the head. The fact is, self-made millionaires are where they are today because they know how to make decisions quickly and they follow-through by getting things done.  Once they have made a decision, they no longer wrestle with it.  They find ways to make their decision come to pass.

The surest way to millionaire wealth is to take bold decisive action daily on your goals. Take massive daily action toward your vision and focus on the accomplishment of your goals.

Take action. Get started. Turn on the engine. Be a doer. Action is the key to manifesting millionaire wealth.

Step Four: Focus Exclusively on Your Vision of Success

Life is a daily drama with hundreds of distractions. Self-made millionaires excel at keeping their focus on what they want to happen in their life.

If you aren’t 100% focused on creating wealth, odds are you won’t succeed. Success in any endeavor requires a laser-like focus and absolute clarity of purpose.  You cannot succeed at anything until you are absolutely clear about your objectives and intensely focused on achieving results.

Singular focus on a successful outcome is what separates millionaires from those of lesser means. Keeping yourself distracted by thinking about obstacles, past failures and emotional life dramas will cause you to miss the mark.

Excellence leads to success.

Excellence leads to success.

Step Five:  Prefer Excellence

Self-made millionaires never settle for average. They push toward excellence. To a self-made millionaire, success and excellence are one in the same.

Turning excellence into wealth means you must first become an expert in your field of knowledge and then second, know how to promote your expertise to the people who have the greatest demand for what you offer.  Fortunes are made by those who master the excellence to become an expert in the subject that they are most passionate about. Expertise is actualized when passion and vision are incorporated into a significant body of knowledge.

Get rid of anything less than excellent in your life and your integrity will increase. Integrity exists when the stated intentions and the results match. Excellence exists when performance goes beyond expectation.

Are you ready to turn your dreams for a better life into reality?

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