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Thinking Rich

Wisdom with money leads to financial freedom.

Wisdom with money leads to financial freedom.

How Self-Made Millionaires Think

Self-made millionaires think differently from non-millionaires.  Let me give you four examples…

  • Non- Rich Think: Money is the root of all evil–rich people are lucky, dishonest and greedy. Rich People Think: Poverty is the root of all evil. Having money is good; it doesn’t bring happiness but it makes life more enjoyable and allows me to give more to help others.

  • Non-Rich Think: Selfishness is a vice–rich people don’t care about the world. Rich People Think: Selfishness is a virtue–I cannot help anyone until I help myself.

  • Non-Rich Think: I’ll get rich by winning the lottery–I’ll pray for the right numbers or wait for someone else to rescue me.  Rich People Think: I’ll get rich by taking the right actions–I will get paid well for getting results and solving problems

  • Non-Rich Think: I work for the security of a paycheck–even though I hate my job, I cannot afford to quit.  Rich-People Think: I follow my purpose and passion–I do what I love to do and get paid well for it.

How you think about yourself and money will determine the results you get in life when it comes to success with money. If somehow you think having a lot of money is a bad thing then success with money will elude you.  You’ll always be a part of the 99% who is easily controlled by the agendas of politicians who love to promote “wealth distribution”  while they raise taxes to give themselves a pay raise so they can build their own personal wealth. Some politicians get elected by telling you that entrepreneurs who believe in free enterprise are the problem. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Think Rich By Building a Scalable Business

Build a scalable business for consistent cashflow.

Build a scalable business for consistent cashflow.

74% of self-made millionaires acquired their wealth by building a profitable scalable business. Their effort has resulted in employment of 64% of the American workforce. Business ownership became their path to riches.  Nearly 2,000,000 people start some kind of business each year and you can too.  Business ownership leads many to financial freedom.

Financial freedom gives you more choices in life; but, whether or not you achieve your vision of Ultimate Financial Freedom with True Wealth all comes down to what you think about money. Let me tell you what my Millionaire Mentors taught me about money…

Money is a means of exchanging value.

In other words, money is something you trade the value of the energy and time space of your life in exchange for some internationally accepted currency. You might work for Deutschmarks, Dollars, Euros, Francs, Pesos or Yen but whatever you exchange the value of your time and life energy for will eventually determine the financial worth of your lifetime achievement.

Wealth is not measured by how much you earn; wealth is measured by how much you control.

It’s easy to make a million dollars with today’s opportunities. In fact, I could waste a lot of my time and yours by going through the hundreds of ways to make a million dollars from the legal to the illegal.  But the real challenge with money is not how to acquire it—it’s how to manage it in order to keep it under your control so that you have a choice of what to do with it.

Self-made millionaires understand money-making, money-saving and money-managing. As you go through the articles in this site, I’ll show you how to make and keep more money starting with:

  • How to make enough monthly income to fire your boss and work at home

  • How to make money with a live Webinar

  • How to do a product launch and sell thousands of dollars of product

  • How to create a money-making product funnel

Becoming a self-made millionaire by using profitable online internet marketing business models starts with rich thinking. Sign up for my monthly newsletter, ASPIRE! and you’ll get a free copy of my eBook, Riches Into Reality with James Allens’ classic book As a Man Thinketh.

Financial freedom starts with how you think.  My mentors taught me…

Your inner world controls the results you see in your outer world.

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