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Thanks for visiting my site.  24 Hour Millionaire Wealth Coach is dedicated to aspiring millionaires of all ages who want to experience the joy of true wealth with ultimate financial freedom.  Self-made millionaires control money.  Instead of working for money, they make money work for them 24 hours a day. If you want to experience a joyful life of true wealth, this site is for you. Sign up for my Free Monthly  Newsletter at the top right hand corner  or bottom of this page and get instant access to my latest posts,  Free Reports and eBooks.

When you learn the secrets of self-made millionaires you will be able to make money 24 hours a day.  Making money work for you is simple once you learn the valuable mindset, methods, strategies and habits that millionaires have for making money, saving money and keeping money.

Learning to apply millionaire methods and strategies starts with learning to think rich.

My Story

My name is Rebecca Stone.  I live in Colorado with my  family and two dogs, Mollie and Emma.

Rebecca Stone

Rebecca Stone
Certified Business Coach

I am a Certified Financial Planner and a Certified Business Coach.  I learned the art of coaching aspiring millionaires from my millionaire mentors who taught me the powerful millionaire secrets that I detail in my new book, The 24 Hour Millionaire.

I wasn’t born into a rich family. I have held several soul-crushing jobs before discovering how to stop chasing money so that money could peacefully chase after me. I made a million-dollar fortune and lost it.  I lost it because I did not understand how balancing my life with purpose and passion leads to lasting, true wealth.

A few years ago, I lost my marriage, my home and my business.  I also lost my way in life.  When that happened, I went into a deep, dark cave.  I was facing more than a hundred-thousand dollars of debt, no job and had lost almost all of my retirement assets.

I had to learn how to recover from devastating financial loss and go on to create the vision of Ultimate Financial Freedom that I enjoy today. From my experience I have dedicated my life to helping people who want to:

  • Fire their boss for the satisfaction of being their own boss
  • Be a stay-at-home mom or dad
  • Earn the extra income they need to get out of debt and enjoy living like a millionaire
  • Give themselves a pay raise whenever they want
  • Experience the joy and enrichment that comes from giving to causes they care deeply about
  • Learn how to profit by becoming an internet marketing entrepreneur
  • Learn how to rebound from the chaos of devastating financial loss to the peace of lifetime financial security

Please Read This...

I am somewhat of an information marketing junkie. I have purchased a number of online programs because I am filled with curiosity and I love learning; yet, I do not profess to be the top “guru” when it comes to internet marketing. In fact,  I have been scammed a a few times by slick internet marketers.  I  learned a number of techniques to build my online business the hard way–by trial and error.  Fortunately, I have found a number of excellent mentors along my journey that helped me find my way. My goal with this site is to help you find your way through the maze of making money online with internet marketing. I will help you by sharing openly and honestly what my mentors taught me along with what I learned by experience.

I promise to be gut-level honest with you. One of the wealth building principles I learned in my journey is that true wealth and transparency go hand in hand.  The more authentic and genuine you are, the more likely you are to attract the audience of people you love to hang out with.

I love to hang out with people who want to grow both personally and professionally.  I love to hang out with people who want to share the abundance of both their personal and financial wealth to help others succeed in life.

Do not let any slick marketer tell you that you can be lazy and make money.  You can’t.  Self-made millionaires got to where they are with hard work.  With the right online business model anyone can become a self-made millionaire.  If an internet novice like me can go from financial devastation to financial freedom, anyone with desire, determination and discipline can become a millionaire.

Although you and I have never met, I’m willing to bet that there are only three things standing in your way—belief in yourself, the belief you hold about money and a crystal clear knowledge of how to implement a profitable online money-making system.  My book, The 24 Hour Millionaire will help you overcome all three barriers.

To Your Success!


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  1. fah R

    Can you tell me where to start at Wealthy Affiliate, I visited there through your link but was confused where to start, I appreciate your help

    1. Coach Rebecca

      Hello Jack!

      So glad that you are interested in Wealthy Affiliate! Click on the link to check it out.

      I will receive a confirmation and be able to help you build your online business.

      I would love to know more about you and your goals. Please feel free to respond to this email.

      For Your Success,

      Rebecca Stone, CFP
      Certified Business Coach

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