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How to Start a Small Business Online Part 2| Build a Money-Making Website

Your website connects you with the world.

Your website connects you with the world.

In the second installment of this series of articles, How to Start a Small Business Online Part 2| Building a Website, we will explore the steps you need to take to build a money-making website to launch your small business from home.  In my last post (Read it Here), I gave you Step One of How to Start a Small Business Online with 15 powerful questions for planning your successful online business start up.

Planning is essential in any business endeavor and planning to start a small business online is no different. If you read my last post you may think, it takes a lot of work to plan a small business online and you are right.  Make no mistake, nothing that I will show you in this series of articles is a point and click system to get you to the place where you are earning  hundreds of dollars a day.

Online internet marketing scammers often promise an easy way to make money online with very little effort.  They make seem as though you can grab one of their free websites in the morning and wake up the next day with $500 added to your account. Having been scammed a couple of times, I can tell you with assurance…IT JUST AIN’T SO!

In fact, many people with good intentions to succeed with their own online business fail because of “Shiny New Object” syndrome.  The ease of starting an online business on the internet has led to it’s biggest criticism which is the widespread growth of less than reputable internet marketers who dazzle hopeful entrepreneurs with the latest and greatest shiny new object.

Shiny new object promotions go something like this…

“Watch this video of the before me living in a dump and the new me living in a mansion and driving this beautiful,expensive shiny new car that I could not afford before I found the secret, magic (very hush-hush) software program that literally sucks hundreds of people a day into this system and puts thousands of dollars in your account with just three clicks of a button…and on…an on…”

As the old saying goes, “If it looks too good to be true…it probably is.”

But here is some really good news.  You don’t need a shiny new object to succeed with online business marketing. Learning how to build a money-making website takes some work on your part but it is easier than you think.  A few years ago, I did not know that and I hired a website developer.  The only problem with that is I got a website and had no idea how to make it profitable.  It was sort of like having a beautiful car without knowing how to put gas in it and drive.  All I could do was write a few articles and look at it.  I needed training.

Step Two: How to Start a Small Business Online–Build a Money Making Website

I wrote a few earlier posts about the essentials to start a small business online with a money making website. Read them here:

12 Website Features for Online Business Success

Building a Website or Building and Online Business Part 1

Building a Website or Building an Online Business Part 2

Listed below are the sequential steps to building a money-making website.

1. Choose your niche.  Choose your niche based upon 1) your passion/interest and knowledge 2) upon it’s profit potential 3) upon it’s likelihood for growth and sustainability.

2. Choose your domain name.  Your domain name will become your URL (Universal Resource Locator).  Pick a name that you can brand or a name that has your primary key word in it.  The domain name for this site is www.24hourmillionairecoach.com.  I offer coaching for people who want to follow their passion into building an online business that makes money 24 hours  day so they can fire their boss and live life on their own terms.

3. Build your site on a flexible template like WordPress. WordPress offers more than 1,500 free themes.  Many themes come with built in features that give you color and style flexibility.

4. Make your website stand out from the crowd with a unique logo, graphic designs and outstanding pictures. Use a service like Fotolia for dynamic pictures for your website. Fotolia offers thousands of royalty free images for less an $1.00 each.

5. Add lots of interesting and relevant content to your site. Remember this:  CONTENT RULES.  Having well-written content, including video, will make or break your site.  See my article on content marketing here.

6. Get traffic to your site by submitting your website to search engines and by using SEO techniques. SEO techniques include using long tail key word phrases. Excellent key words get hundreds of daily searches and have a low competition for search engine ranking.

7. Promote your website using social networks, like MySpace, Twitter, Pintrest and Facebook. Market your site using a newsletter and email auto responder like Aweber or Get Response.

Check out our resources below to get started building your website!

Check out my Millionaire Coach Resource Page for Building Your Website

Click here for: Domains/Hosting/Site Builders

GoDaddy.com – the premier domain registration company.  Domain names can be purchased for as low as $6.99.

BlueHost – excellent, reliable web hosting for less than $10.00 per month.

Wealthy Affiliate – my number 1 choice for learning how to build an online business. Over 500 learning modules; great support from actively involved owners and community members; build and host up to 2 FREE WEBSITES while you learn the ropes; earn affiliate income while you learn.  See my review here.

Thanks for reading this post.  The next post in this series, How to Start a Small Business Online will address how to succeed in Affiliate Marketing. Please feel free to share your comments and questions!

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