May 11

Making Money Online Starts With Passion

Before I give you the basics of building a money making website I need to explain why making money online starts with passion. One of the millionaire secrets I learned from my millionaire mentor is what he described as, The Ultimate Millionaire Success Formula which is:

Do what you love to do everyday, improve your life a little everyday and use your gifts to impact others in positive ways.

Making money online starts with passion because self-made millionaires become successful by doing what they love to do everyday. If you want to generate massive income from your business efforts, start by doing what you are wildly passionate about.

Passion and interest go hand in hand but passion is different from being interested. For example I am interested in a number of things.  I am interested in golf, scuba diving, cooking and organic gardening. I have knowledge and experience with each of those areas.  I also have experience with financial planning, fly fishing and starting brick and mortar businesses.  I know what  it’s like to lose everything in a divorce and what it feels like to have a miscarriage. I am interested in helping women overcome the devastating effect of divorce.

I have developed some websites based upon my interests and experience that failed.  They failed because I did not have the kind of passion for them that compelled me to do what I love to do everyday.

When you find your passion you will find the “one thing” that gives your life it’s spark. Your true passion is the thing you could do every day without tiring.  It’s the thing that you find yourself dreaming about and the thing that you can’t seem to learn enough about.

I love cooking for friends and family.  I love hiking in the mountains, scuba diving and playing golf. But, my mind is occupied day and night with helping people become wildly successful with internet marketing.  I search constantly for new ways to make money online.  I study internet marketing business models.

I never seem to run out of ideas for articles, blogs and books about how to make more money and how to enjoy financial freedom. More than anything I want to help people live a spectacular life of financial freedom and abundance. That passion causes me to look for meaning and information I can share in everything I do.

Bottom line, passion is “the one thing” that energizes your purpose in life.  Being clear about your passion will help you identify both a profitable niche and theme for your website.

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