May 17

Marketing Products to Your Email List

Golden EggIf you’ve ever thought the story of “The Goose That Laid the Golden Egg” was just a fairy tale, think again. My first attempts at internet marketing were failures.  Then one day I met an internet marketing millionaire who said, “How would you like to start making money online consistently?”  Now that he had my attention he went on to say, “The way to make consistent online income is by marketing products to your email list that they want and need.”

The dumbfounded look on my face must have told him that I needed more help so he went on to help me understand the mantra of successful online internet marketers which he said is, “KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE.  Know what they need, what they want to purchase, and then and only then; find or create the products that fit them”.

Know Your Audience

This concept ties into to Step 1 of this series–4 Steps to Making Passive Income Online-– about identifying a profitable niche.  Your niche is the audience of people you choose to serve by helping them get what they want. The way to know what they want is to learn what they are searching for.

In an earlier post I led you to to www.googlekeywordstool.com and www.Dummies.com where you can identify your micro-niche and find out exactly what your audience is looking for.

If for example your niche is, “how to make money online”, you can see from google keywords tool that there are 60,500 Google searches each month with those key words.

People who want to know how to make money online would be interested in how to make a website, how to market digital products, how to drive traffic to my website, how to use social marketing to drive traffic to my website, how to make a podcast, how to make an online video, how to build an email list and so on.

Any one of those needs would make a great product.

Love your email subscribers.

Love your email subscribers.

Another way to know your audience is to ask them what they want. Once you have built an email list, it’s easy to direct them to Survey Monkey where you ask them to complete a simple five or six question survey to dig deeper into what they truly want.

You can also find out what your audience wants by putting up a simple “Flycatcher” page where you ask viewers to submit their most pressing questions about a topic in exchange for a free report or ebook.

This brings me to what I like to call “The First Commandment of Marketing” which is to:

Love your subscribers.

You are loving your subscribers when you take time to find out what they want and need and then search and present the products that solve their most pressing problems. The more you love them by sincerely wanting to help them, the more they will show their appreciation.

If you love and care for your subscribers, you will always put adding value to them at the forefront of all your email letters to them. You will also be on the look out for the kinds of products that benefit them.

And, you won’t plague them with daily emails with sales offers. I hate that kind of approach.

I prefer an approach that makes them look forward to my next email.  Jay Abraham, Bob Proctor, Brian Tracey and Pat Flynn are examples of successful online internet marketers that understand how to create and give substantive value with their email marketing before asking for a sale.

My millionaire mentors taught me that the key to the heart of your email subscribers is to always treat your subscribers the way you would like to be treated.  Never take advantage of them. Treat them like the people you cherish in your life.

Key to HeartThe fastest way to grow your online internet marketing business is to take good care of your email subscriber list.  Studies have proven that taking care of an existing customer is 7 times more profitable than acquiring a new one.

Getting new customers is expensive.  Keeping existing customers happy by giving them exactly what they want is far more profitable.

Finding Products to Fit Your Email List

You can choose one or a combination of two ways to give your email list subscribers what they want:

  1. Become an affiliate marketer
  2. Develop your own products

Affiliate marketing is a multibillion dollar industry. Affiliates know their email list subscribers. They become successful by honing their skills in locating and presenting products that help their customers get what they want.

As an affiliate you are paid a commission on every person you send to the product creator.

Product creators join marketing collectives like Amazon, Clickbank, ShareaSale and PassiveIncomeFormula to market their products. They also seek out well-established vendors who offer affiliate marketing programs.

Almost any big company like Best Buy, Apple and T-Mobile have affiliate programs where they pay a commission for every person who makes a purchase that you send their way.

Knowing what your email list subscriber wants and needs is a key to making money online with an internet marketing business.

More on product creation and affiliate marketing in later posts but for now, let me leave you with three important concepts for success in online internet marketing:

  1. Know your audience
  2. Love your subscribers
  3. Find products to fit your email list

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Thanks for reading my thoughts on marketing products to your email list.  Please feel free to send me your comments about this post.



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