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Millionaire Wealth Coaching| How Millionaires Think

How you think determines your failure or success with money.

How you think determines your failure or success with money.

In today’s millionaire wealth coaching post, I will help you understand “How Millionaires Think” by giving you six powerful beliefs millionaires have about themselves.  Knowing these beliefs will not only give you greater insight into how millionaires think, it will give you the keys to building financial success.

My millionaire mentor, Jim Rohn said,

Your inner world controls your outer world.

Please pause and let that sink in.  That truth could be the defining difference in whether or not you become a financial success or continue to struggle.

Outlined below are six powerful beliefs that millionaires have about themselves that you can very easily embrace to empower yourself on your road to financial security.

Millionaires consider themselves worthy of receiving an abundance of wealth.

What you think about yourself is one of the most powerful catalysts to building significant financial wealth.  If you do not consider yourself worthy to enjoy wealth in abundance you will sub-consciously block every attempt you make to build wealth.

In order to enjoy financial success, you must believe in yourself and consider yourself worthy to have great wealth. Self-esteem and wealth go hand in hand. If you believe you are capable of adding significant value to others, you must then believe that you are worthy of receiving abundant income for the value you create.

Millionaires have a strong desire to be wealthy.

Napoleon Hill said, “Desire to be wealthy precedes all wealth creation.” Millionaires are those who have a strong internal belief and desire to create wealth.  They know having more wealth brings greater options and greater opportunities in life.

Their desire to create wealth stimulates their subconscious mind to create wealth-making opportunities. Because of their intense desire to create wealth, millionaires persist in the face of opposition.  The more intense your desire is the more likely you are to work through obstacles and challenges and go on to find ways to succeed while others who only wish for success quit soon after opposition presents itself.

Millionaires have a strong determination to succeed.

Determination to succeed and desire to be wealthy go hand in hand. While there are those, like Mother Teresa, Billy Graham or Mahatma Gandhi  whose life purpose is truly sacrificial, most people must have a strong determination to succeed in order to make forward progress on their goals.

The same quality of self-determination that is in top-performing athletes, musicians, and CEOs is in self-made millionaires. Many millionaires have a competitive spirit when it comes to  achieving success. Their competitive spirit leads them to excellence in their area of competence.  They continually strive to be the best they can be in their field of expertise.

Millionaires have a strong discipline when it comes to building wealth.Thinking Rich

A strong sense of discipline is what separates many millionaires from the masses.  Millionaires apply themselves to learning. They invest readily in their own development. Whatever it is that they need to learn, they invest in.

More than any socioeconomic group, millionaires spend time in learning how to build wealth. They educate themselves in investing, building businesses and saving taxes. They typically spend more time planning their wealth (more than ten hours per month) than people of lesser means do.

Millionaires choose methods and strategies to build their wealth that are different from the non-wealthy.

Hopefully this does not come as a big shock to you but, except for highly compensated executives and high-commissioned sales people, millionaires work for themselves. They never trade their valuable time for a paycheck from an employer.

Millionaires own businesses.  They invest in income producing assets. They use their money, their talent and their time to make money.

Millionaires love their work and plan to continue working as long as they are able.

Unlike 95% pf the labor force, millionaires never plan on retiring.  I have interviewed nearly 300 self-made millionaires and upon asking them, “When do you plan to retire?”, the answer was almost always the same–“I can’t see myself retiring.  I love what I do.  I might slow down and travel a little more or do more consulting work but I can’t see myself retiring.”

Thanks for reading this post. I hope it has helped you to think about how millionaires think that may be different than your current mindset about creating wealth. I would love to discuss this topic with you!  Please feel free to comment below and as always, I hope you will share this post with your friends and family.

I Believe in Your Success!

Coach Rebecca

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