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This page along with my Millionaire Wealth Coaching page contains a few of my favorite tools and secret weapons for making a 6 figure passive income online. If you are serious about earning money with an online business, check out the Millionaire Wealth Coach Resources on this page. In fact, I recommend bookmarking this page for your future reference.


(Check back often.  I add to this page frequently as I gain more positive experience with top vendors.)

Affiliate Disclosure: Please note that some of the links listed below are affiliate links. While I do make a small commission if you decide to make a purchase from my site, the commission I make comes at no additional cost to you. I have had a positive experience with all of these companies and I recommend them to you because they have helped me and they can help you earn money with your online business. I never recommend any product because of the small amount I make in commissions. If you do want to earn money with your online business and you feel that these products will help you achieve your goals, feel free to make a purchase and please recommend this page to the friends in your network.

My top picks to help you earn money with an online business:


I use WordPress for all my blog sites. WordPress started in 2003 as an open source platform which means hundreds of people worldwide are continually working on it making it now the number one FREE website building platform with more than 1,400 free themes to choose from. This site was built on a free WordPress theme. Many WordPress Themes are built for mobile devices and can easily be converted into other themes. Use WordPress to start your blogging site for FREE!

There are a number of web site designers that have built excellent website building templates on a WordPress platform.

If you don’t see what you are looking for for free, I recommend the following:

  1. Elegant Themes
  2. Studio Press
  3. Theme Forest
  4. Woo Themes


Special Offer!  $2.99 .COM now at GoDaddy!!

GoDaddy is the leading registrar for registering your domain name. Some name registrars charge up to $30 to register a single domain name. Ouch! That is way too high.  You can get a domain name registered with GoDaddy sometimes as low as $6.99 a year plus you get awesome 24/7 support!

All of my website domain names were purchased through GoDaddy. I have never been concerned with domain name theft with GoDaddy as many have reported to be the case with some lesser know name registrars.


Bluehost is my top pick for a reliable website hosting company.

I have experienced the nightmare of hosting my sites with website hosting resellers who were actually internet marketing companies disguised as a web site host. Nothing is worse than having an unreliable host for your websites.

Avoid the hassle and go with Bluehost.  You’ll thank me for it later!

All but two of my sites are hosted through Bluehost and I have never experienced a server downtime period.


Aweber helps you drive new sales and increase your loyal following of repeat business. Starting with a trial account of just $1, Aweber allows you to build your email list, create auto responder messages, categorize your customers and tack the results of of marketing campaigns.  Choose from several professionally designed templates for your newsletters and email campaigns.

Aweber is the internet’s most powerful email opt-in service and email marketing/broadcasting tool. This is what I use to build my email list and newsletter.


Facebook –


Twitter –

Google+ –


YouTube –


Brainshark —



I have two recommendations for creating online videos.

1. Camtasia

Camtasia Studio by TechSmith allows you to capture images from PowerPoint, digital images, video games or your own computer screen. With Camtasia, you can put yourself in your videos or record your voice as you narrate a PowerPoint presentation. Import music, digital photos, HD videos and more.

2. PowToon

PowToon allows you to create captivating animated videos to deliver content to your audience in a unique and engaging way.

Free memberships allow you to experiment with PowToon before you make the decision to become a subscriber. Make your own colorful animated videos with Powtoon.



Of all the online business building and marketing systems I have examined, my top pick for a beginning online learning university is Wealthy Affiliate.  I am hard-pressed to tell you which of the features of Wealthy Affiliate I like better, the step-by-step learning platform or the social forum of like-minded people who are so engaged that they literally help each other.  I know that seems unheard of but that is the dynamic culture that has been created at Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is truly something you have to experience for yourself to appreciate. Check out my review to learn how Wealthy Affiliate compares to other learning platforms.

I am proud to say that I am a Platinum Member of Wealthy Affiliate. Having experience other online learning platforms, I can truly say that I am honored to promote Wealthy Affiliate to my family and friends.



Convert Speech to Text with Dragon Speak:

Many of my clients complain about the time it takes to write a blog post or an article.  Others are into writing eBooks and creating information products.  Enter DragonSpeak voice recognition software.  This is a great tool for anyone who wants to increase their productivity.  All you have to do is talk into the software with your USB microphone and DragonSpeak will translate the words you speak into text that you can edit.

Check it out here:

For at little as $99 you could be creating your next best selling eBook!!

NOTE:  I DO NOT have an affiliate relationship with Dragon Speak but I know by experience that it is an excellent product and I have recommended it to many of my clients.

Access your computer files with any device with Drop Box:

DROP BOX.COM is basically a cloud based hard drive for depositing your computer files. How many times have you need a picture or file and it was on your computer at home. Well with you literally have access to all those files from any web browser, smart phone or tablet. I also use it to access self development videos, ebooks and courses I’ve purchased in the past. So it’s also a great tool so you have access to programs that better your life.


I want to let you know about an excellent online software tool I found that makes goal achievement a breeze. It called GoalsOnTrack.

GoalsOnTrack is a practical software tool that I have used to help me stay focused on big-picture thinking. As a business owner and developer with a busy life schedule, I know how easy it is to get distracted by life events and lose track of the goals and objectives that make money. I needed an easy mobile tracking system to help me achieve my top priority goals with less time spent in recording and monitoring with the ineffective system that kept me tied to my computer and my paper system day planner.

Let’s face it.  The reason why self-made millionaires make more money than 97% of the world stems from their ability to leverage their time allowing them to focus on money-making activities. Most people get frustrated and quit before they hit their target. GoalsOnTrack is a brilliant, easy to use program that will help you maintain focus and clarity as it did me.

Another reason I like this program is because it’s an affordable way that makes setting and achieving goals easy with a smart software app called“goals on the go” that you can use anywhere with a mobile device to keep track of your goal achievement progress. I use it at the airport while waiting to board. I use it when I’m stuck in traffic or sitting in a waiting room.

In addition to an easy-to-use goal setting template, you get a system for prioritizing your daily activities, a vision board where you can upload pictures to help you visualize and dream about your success, a time tracker that helps you complete assigned tasks on time plus motivational tools and a goal success journal.

Don’t feel obligated to purchase GoalsOnTrack.  For me, it’s a stress reliever because as a business coach, author and product developer I have a lot of details to keep track of and frankly, it’s easy for me to lose sight of the forest for the trees! If you are interested in saving time and becoming more effective with accomplishing your goals, take a few minutes to explore GoalsOnTrack right here.



Awaken Your Genius

Bob Proctor’s 11 Forgotten Laws

When I was down to my last few hundred dollars, I knew that if I didn’t do something to change my thinking I would continue to struggle.  After researching dozens of programs, I invested what I now consider to be the best $97 investment I have ever made.

If fact if you want your life to include more money and greater happiness, you really need to get this program.

When you dig in a little deeper, you will understand why Bob Proctor’s 11 Forgotten Laws program is my top choice for building your millionaire mind.

Read my full review here.


The Success Store is my favorite place to shop for inspiration.  Whether you need a great book to read, like to listen to motivational CDs or prefer to watch a DVD of top motivators and look over my shoulder speakers, the Success Store is your one stop shopping source!

Do you really want to think like millionaires think? The best way to feed your brain and inspire your spirit to believe and take action is to feed yourself a steady diet of self-development food.  Find books and programs by Jim Rohn, Denis Waitly, Tony Robbins, John Maxwell and many more.
Click Here to Visit!


By now you know I am a big fan of self-improvement books and programs.I found what I consider to be the top of the line with a simple software program called, Subliminal Power.

This ridiculously inexpensive software program gets my vote for the top mind-development program available today. It’s easy to install and easy to customize.  Once you set the messages (or use the preset messages) subliminal messages will appear on your computer screen every five seconds.

Just imagine how focused you will be once your day is filled with positive suggestive messages throughout your work day. Honestly, if I hadn’t given this program a 6-weeks trial, I would not have achieved the level of income I enjoy today.

Subliminal Power is a “set it and forget it” program; it’s so subtle, you will barely notice it working in on the background of your computer screen.  After a few weeks of using this program. I found myself more focused and more intent on achieving my money goals and no doubt you will find it effective for turning your intangible goals into cash.  Get it here:

Subliminal-Power - Reprogram your inner subconscious mind



After nearly three years of researching and interviewing self-made millionaires, I can sum up the number one quality that separates them from non-millionaires and that is their well-developed sense of self-confidence.

Self-made millionaires are known as action-takers.  They do many of the things that those who never achieve millionaire status fail to do.

After a brutal divorce, I spent months trying to recover my sense of self-esteem.  For a period of time my confidence was shot and I fell into a deep abyss of fear. I could not afford therapy but I did locate a program that helped me learn what I needed to get rid of fear and limiting beliefs that I can recommend to you.

You don’t have to spend years in therapy and you don’t have to spend a fortune on psychotherapists or NLP coaches. Learning to re-program your thinking from failure to success is easy with this program.

Check it out here.

The NLP Secret - Discover the secret now



You Were Born Rich: Bob Proctor

Secrets of A Millionaire Mind: T. Harv Ekker

Think and Grow Rich: Napoleon Hill

The Science of Getting Rich: Wallace Wattles

Rich Dad, Poor Dad: Robert Kyosaki

The Four Hour Work Week:  Timothy Ferris

Failing Forward: John Maxwell

Integrity Selling:  Ron Willingham

The Ten Laws: Ron Willingham

Success Magazine

Entrepreneur Magazine


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