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The 24 Hour Millionaire Tool Kit:

Book plus Workbook

Everything you need to make money work for you 24 Hours a Day

Everything you need to make money work 24 Hours a Day











The Financial Freedom Package:

365 Million Dollar Thoughts to Think Yourself Happy, Healthy and Wealthy +

101 Credit Repair Tips from The Joyful Millionaire Woman eBook +

The 21 Day Debt Solution Report:

Discover how to be free from debt.  This powerful report will show you:

  • How to demolish consumer debt forever
  • What you must do to stop your reliance on credit cards
  • How to make and stick to a budget you can live with
  • 10 practical ways to cut hundreds of dollars from your monthly expense
  • Powerful debt-busting strategies


Make More Money as a Business Owner–12 Powerful Reports with Easy to Implement Action Steps

Each report $6.97; Bundle any 3 for $15.00; Get all 12 for $47.00

  • Discover the Right Niche
  • Plan Your Business for Profit
  • Find a Money-Making Product or Service
  • 5 Keys to Building A High-Profit Business
  • What You Must Know About Marketing and Selling
  • How Loving Your Customers Leads to Greater Business Profit
  • How to Sell Yourself, Your Product and Your Service
  • What You Must Do to Close the Sale
  • Relationships Build Business
  • Profit or Loss is in the Numbers
  • Starting and Financing Your Business
  • Balancing Your Business and Personal Life for True Wealth






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