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Product Review-Bob Proctor’s 11 Forgotten Laws

11 Forgotten Laws

11 Forgotten Laws Overall Ranking

This product ranks 99 out of 100

PRICE: $ 97 one time

Owners: Bob Proctor and Mary Morrisey

Website: www.the11ForgottenLaws.com


Have you been disappointed with your results following the Law of Attraction? Many people have because they failed to apply the right success blueprint. You were born to succeed but if you fail to believe that, nothing you do in life will prosper.

Personally, I do not know of anything that will empower your millionaire mind like Bob Proctor’s 11 Forgotten Laws. Let me tell you why I think 11 Forgotten Laws is a must have for any serious money maker who wants to earn money with an online business.


“The Secret is pop culture fluff.” –Bob Proctor


Of course you know Bob Proctor was one of the main actors in The Secret. Bob is a legend in the self-development industry.  In this series, Bob reveals…

“The 11 Forgotten Laws That Make The Law of Attraction An Unbreakable Force”


 So why do I like this program? Let me start with the PROS:


When I got down to my last few hundred dollars, had no job and no prospects for making a steady income, I had to take a serious look at the failures in my life.  Some of my failures were due to circumstances that I could not control but others were clearly the result of my impoverished thinking. I was tired of the financial struggle in my life so I invested $97 in The 11 Forgotten Laws. I had to learn to think like a millionaire in order to become a millionaire.

Truthfully I was tired of being scammed by programs that promised a lot but failed to deliver. I was pleasantly surprised by the value I received with Bob Proctor’s 11 Forgotten Laws.

Ease of Delivery

I received an immediate download of material plus an unexpected bonus—an opportunity to turn my $97 investment into an ongoing income stream by becoming an affiliate partner. Once I had gone through the learning material, I became a raving fan and an enthusiastic promoter.

The program is a fully integrated learning course delivered in 12 easy to listen to online digital CDs and includes a complete transcript plus a PDF eBook, Working with the Laws by Raymond Holliwell.

This program allows you to complete and review the lessons at your own pace in any environment you choose or device you choose. You can download the program to your Kindle Reader, your lap top or your Ipad.  Or, access the material through your smart phone if you choose.

Effectiveness of Learning

Within days of completing the program, my attitude shifted from barely getting by to an expectation of abundance. With my elevated mindset, I found myself making the bold decisions I needed to start my online business, close the sales I had been sitting on and finish a money-making eBook.

The teaching material is substantive and well-founded.  The 11 Forgotten Laws is based upon a classic book of Raymond Holliwell.  Unlike “The Secret” that left me motivated but with no blueprint to follow, The 11 Forgotten Laws is formulated into a complete financial success system.


In order to do justice to the program, you need to set aside 30-60 minutes a day to listen to the audio program, while reading the transcript and then completing the workbook. Doing so requires discipline.

If you are a person who gets easily distracted and prefers animated videos to lecture, reading and reflecting formats, this program may not be for you.

If you are a person who is looking for a “get rich quick” type of program, this is not a program for you.


Anyone who is serious about prospering, building wealth or becoming a self-made millionaire will benefit from this program. I recommend this program to any one who wants to earn money with an online business for the simple reason that becoming rich requires a rich mindset.

Before you can become wealthy in any enterprise, you must first learn how to build a rich mindset. This program is for anyone who is tired of barely getting by and wants to learn how to think like a millionaire and learn the steps to take to have millionaire success.


  • 95 Lesson Tracks on 12 Downloadable MP3 Audio Files

  • PDF E book Download

  • Complete Audio Transcripts

  • Invitation to become an Affiliate Partner and earn recurring passive income

  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Ongoing Support

Lessons in The 11 Forgotten Laws include:

11 Laws Table

Is The 11 Forgotten Laws a Scam?

ScamHere’s how I define a Scam–Scheming Cunning and Manipulative. I have been taken in so many times by online scam artists that I now have a finely -tuned “ScamoMeter” permanently embedded in my brain.

Online scam programs seriously over-promise and under-deliver.  They make earnings claims, show you pictures of mansions and expensive cars and manipulate you into thinking that you will become an overnight success if you buy into their “system” for making money effortlessly.

If that’s not insulting enough, they hit you with multiple up sells and keep you thinking that you have to constantly shell out more money if you want to be a real success.  All of that is a bunch of hype.

Bob Proctor’s 11 Forgotten Laws is the exact opposite of any scam. Bob has mentored hundreds of wealthy people who started with nothing and built their wealth by applying his teaching. This program is an excellent educational program. It does not fall under the genre of “internet marketing schemes.”

There are no earnings claims, no manipulative up sells and no guarantees of riches. Instead Bob and his partner Mary Morrisey pour their hearts into teaching you everything you need to become a success in any venture you choose.

In my opinion, this program is totally legitimate.

11 Forgotten Laws is 100% LEGIT!!


This program is one that I can recommend with absolute confidence because I have lived it out.  Thanks in part to this program, I’ve gone from broke and disgusted to waking up each day filled with passion, purpose and expectancy.

11 Forgotten Laws is my top pick of programs to awaken your inner millionaire genius and set you on the road to financial freedom and prosperity.

Follow this link to learn more.


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