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The Business of Internet Marketing|Making Money From Home

Internet marketers are a smart breed of entrepreneurs. They understand the business of internet marketing.

Businesses exist to exchange the value of a product or service for money.  Businesses that generate sales in excess of expense make a profit.  More than 70% of self-made millionaires are those who own a business that is both profitable and scalable.And many of those are making money from home.

Internet marketing businesses are among the most profitable and easy to scale business models available for entrepreneurs for two reasons. First of all they can be set up for little to no cost.  Second, they require very low operating costs as compared to a brick and mortar business.

Shoot for Success

Internet Marketing Gives You a Real Shot at Success

If you have ever thought about owning your own business but think owning a business is too risky, consider building an online business. With the right business model, you could have a real shot at success. Once you find the right niche and get the hang of search engine optimization, an internet business can be a massive revenue generator.

Before you get hiccups and lump all online businesses with the sleaze balls that slam you repeatedly with dump-loads of crap that adds no value to anyone but themselves, let me give you my observation as a business coach of why the business of internet marketing can be so lucrative for aspiring millionaires.

Internet Marketers Get Passive Income

Before building their product funnel, successful internet marketers test their products, headlines and sales copy. They understand the power of keywords, copy writing, SEO and split testing.

The internet makes it both easy and inexpensive to test multiple headlines, sales copy, product names, price points, images and color schemes before going through the effort and expense of a launch.

Because they understand the value of upfront effort that can be leveraged into passive income they are able to use their model to generate additional products while each product launch continues to generate more residual income.

By doing significant testing prior to launch, internet marketers are able to tweak their products to perfection.  Testing keeps them from spending needlessly and allows them to leverage their time.

Successful internet marketers don’t waste time and effort on products that their niche market will not buy.

Internet Marketers Get Leverage with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate partners split sales income,

Affiliate partners split sales income.

Once a digital product has been completed, there is no more manufacturing cost. That means that product creators can offer their product to third parties and pay a hefty commission for promoting their product.

Internet marketers who make a lot of money are those who set up an affiliate model that gives recruits all of the tools they need to sell their products.  Sales tools could include sales pages, graphic designs, article inserts and banner ads.

Affiliate partners who make it worthwhile to promote their products with both useful tools and a generous commission are the ones who attract promoters on a large scale.

Successful Internet Marketers Build Large Email Lists

The real money for internet business marketers is in their list of subscribers. People who visit websites rarely buy on their first visit. Smart internet marketers don’t try to sell on their pages.  Instead, they work to add content rich key words to attract visitors and then build email lists.  Repeated email messages strategically placed do the selling.

Several components work together when building an email list. Most people are smart enough to avoid spam.  Daily emails become annoying and the offer of a weekly newsletter is no longer attractive.

People who sign up to your email list want something more substantial.

Successful Internet Business Marketers Offer Free Content

A valid email address is a valuable asset. In order to get people to trust you with their email contact information, you must be prepared to offer them something valuable for free.  Your free content offer could be an interview with an internet guru accompanied by a transcript and free report.  You could offer a series of instructional videos or free attendance in a webinar series.

Many successful internet business marketers offer free eBooks about topics that are of interest to their niche market. But slapping a seven word title on your eBook isn’t enough.  You must be able to write your titles and your free content sales pitch to pull your audience into giving you their email address.

Successful Internet Business Marketers Know How to Build Trust

Building trust leads to strong customer intimacy.

Building trust leads to strong customer intimacy.

The ability to build trust is the bottom line in any business. If you want people you’ve never met to buy your products and services you must be able to build credibility. Writing articles, offering free whitepapers or uploading videos and pod casts when done properly are stellar ways to build trust.

Trust is about experience.  It’s about delivering what you say you will do in the time frame that you promise. Keeping your promises leads to strong customer intimacy.

Automated email campaigns help to build trust if the content is written to engage the reader both emotionally and logically. Smart email campaigns are much more than sales pitches.

Smart email campaigns offer valuable knowledge which helps to add layers of trust.  Many successful email campaigns offer links to free resources while building a compelling reason to buy the product offer.

Whether you own a brick and mortar business or an online business, in my opinion we would all do well by learning from the examples of the highly successful internet business marketers who have learned to leverage their time, effort and money.

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