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Coaches are Teachers!Wealth Coaching is for people who are ready to take full charge of their life and live a passionate, purposeful life of true wealth.


Does that describe you?

Are you ready to take your life off auto pilot and soar to new heights?

Do you want to get there faster and start living the life you dream about instead of just wishing it were so?


If your answer is yes, then take the first step to make it happen. Schedule a FREE RAPID RESULT COACHING session with me to talk about your potential to enter my 1-on-1 coaching partnership.

Rebecca Stone Certified Business Coach

Rebecca Stone
Certified Business Coach

I will do my utmost to assure your transition from Employment to Empowerment toward a purposeful, passionate new life by inspiring self-discovery and insight along with encouraging bold action through partnership accountability.

We will work together by Skype or phone in weekly sessions where I help you to unlock your success potential, identify what you want, what’s getting in your way, and how to create the actions to move you toward the passionate life of your dreams.

Let’s face it, without someone to guide you and hold the tow rope to tug you along (in a very supportive way), you can procrastinate forever. Worse yet, you could swim endlessly and wear yourself out before you reach the shore.

But with a personal coach partnering with you, guiding you forward, you’ll receive all the direction and inspiration you need to make things happen in your life.

Without a doubt, you will

                   find your passionate life purpose

                              and make it part of your life every single day.


It’s Really Possible to Get Started And Be On Track To Earning 6 Figures Doing Something You Love Without Having A Boss Yelling At You Or An Alarm Clock Ringing In Your Ear!


Unleash Your Inner Wealth Genius3-Month Coaching Intensive to move you from Employment to Empowerment and Turn your Passion into Profit

Every person on earth has been given both the power and capacity to get wealth in any amount they choose. Your inner millionaire genius is waiting inside ready for you to unleash it’s power to bring you the life you want.

Please think about this question…

Are you fed up working 9-5 for someone else when you could be creating wealth for yourself and those you love?

Think about this…if you could with absolute certainty replace the income from your current job and then grow your income to replace your job benefits and do it without risking the loss of your job,  would you be willing to quit your dead-end 9-5 job for a real shot at having genuine fulfillment and unlimited income in your life?

 What if I could show you how to transition from employment to empowerment, and do it in two structured six week programs where you could see the actual results of each week’s effort and feel confident that you could move forward on your own…at your own pace…guided by a specific blueprint of your choosing… to build the spectacular life that you dream of enjoying…

And what if, you could get to the place where you feel confident to…

  •  Be your own boss

  •  Set your own schedule

  •  Work from home or from the beach or wherever you choose to work

  •  Make money 24 hours a day everyday with no salary cap

  •  Make money while you sleep

  •  Make money when you are on vacation

Is there any reason you wouldn’t want to invest in yourself and take a chance at fulfilling your deepest, most passionate dreams and life desires?


During The 3-Month Coaching Intensive, Here Is What You Will Get:

-1- One lesson each week for twelve consecutive weeks, via email. At the end of each lesson, you will be given a strategically-structured assignment to complete before the next lesson.

-2- You will have direct access to me via email so that you can reply with your completed assignments and send me any questions you have that may be unique to your personal situation. I will answer your questions and give you specific feedback.

-3- With this method of coaching, not only will you get the online learning lessons, you will get my personal attention in a cost-effective, time-efficient way that reduces both cost and time for you and me.

-4- You will also receive AV downloads to support each lesson that you can either view or listen to as many times as you want to reinforce your learning.

-5- As an E-Coaching client, you will also receive invitations to FREE Webinars and Teleseminars with my invited Monthly Millionaire Mentors to support your learning.

By the end of the3 Month Coaching Intensive, you will:

-1-  Have a clearly established vision, mission and goal blueprint

-2-  Uncover the power of passion and purpose for your life

-3-  Know how to remove limiting beliefs, energy zappers and pitfalls to success

-4-  Learn how to build a secure financial base

-5-  Understand and identify your leveraged  money-making options

-6-  Create your One-Page Plan and Personal Road Map to Success

-7-  Determine your primary money-making niche

-8-  Know exactly who you will serve and what they want

-9-  Design your optimal business model

-10- Develop your online product funnel

-11- Plan and build your website

-12- Launch your online business with confidence

This program is a perfect fit for:

  • Single-parent moms and dads who are looking for a way to provide greater financial support to their children and give them a better quality of life

  • Divorced women in need of financial security and independence

  • Baby Boomers who want to accelerate their retirement objectives

  • Men and women of all ages who are tired of the 9-5 grind and want to take charge of their financial destiny

  • Business owners who want to grow their business with bigger online presence

  • Stay-at-home parents who want to supplement their household income

  • Retirees who need to supplement their income

  • Anyone who has ever been fired and is tired of the frustration and insecurity of being an employee

  • Any person who s is serious about shaping their financial future for success


  • 12 thirty minute phone or Skype conversations

  • Weekly eMail homework assignments tailored to your goals

  • Unlimited email question and answers between sessions

At this point, you are most likely thinking the same thing my client, Grace told me…

“That is a lot of value. In three months I could be set up to bring in unlimited amounts of money by doing exactly what I want to do and being my own boss.”

And, you would be right about that. What I am offering you is a lot of value.

Please capture this thought:

The major difference between self-made millionaires who are living their life dream and those who are not boils down to the knowledge they have and the action they take.”

Don’t over-think this.  It is not complicated. 

It really is that simple.

Here’s what a few of our Clients said about their experience:

All I can say is thank you, Rebecca.  Thank you for helping me get the courage to do what I have always wanted to do but been afraid to try.  Your coaching ignited the fire in me to step out into my first online business venture.  I had a desire to start my own business but I didn’t know where to begin.  Thanks to you I am on my way.

Louisa S.

Rebecca, you are truly gifted in the way you coach and inspire. Within three sessions, you helped me get to the bottom of the problems I’ve had with money. For years I was resentful of the people I saw who were making money and living the kind of lifestyle I wanted.  Thanks for helping me see that for things to change in my life, I have to change and stop being afraid of success.

Melinda G.

I always thought of myself as having it all together yet I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t make more money.  You helped me focus on the right stuff so I could apply the right action steps.

Gerald M.

I hated my job but couldn’t figure out how to keep money coming in and pursue my passion for graphic design and website development business full time. I always wanted to learn how people make money with a website.  Thanks for showing me how to get started.

Beth K.

Coaching is a Two-way Relationship of Equals

I am offering to mentor you for a limited time and give you the wisdom that I have gained from my investment of over $100,000 in millionaire mentoring programs from…

  • Bob Proctor

    I'll teach you what my millionaire mentors taught me!

    I’ll teach you what my millionaire mentors taught me!

  • Tony Robbins

  • Keith Cunningham

  • Steve Olcher

  • Vic Johnson

  • Dan Sullivan

and others, and I am offering to do that for $147.00 per month for a three month commitment.  That is amazing when you think that you could get the knowledge you need to start a business of your own for less than $500.00 when most brick and mortar businesses cost thousands of dollars in start-up expenses and you don’t have a mentor standing beside you to help you think through the decisions you need to make for a successful outcome.

With this option you can be billed up to $147.00USD for three months.

Sign up for

Think about this. You can invest $147 per month in customized training and coaching that will catapult you into lifetime success or you can save even more by paying a one time upfront investment of $360.00 for a savings of $81.00.

Paying a one time upfront fee of just $360.00 amounts to as little as $30.00 per session for a one-to-one coaching experience that could help you turn your passion into profit and lead you from employment to empowerment within 90 days.




Contact Rebecca at


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Our coaching clients are fantastic! They are high achieving go-getters, who are seeking a faster way to grow personally and professionally. They want results and are willing to learn new and better ways to get their intentioned results. They know past success are great, but more importantly, they are willing to be coached into achieving …

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  1. Randi stilley

    Hi, my name is Randi and I’m new to all this Ihave been searching eeverywhere for something to get me started making money online but can’t seem to find a solution. If you could help me at all or give me some advice. It would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

    1. Coach Rebecca

      Hello Randi,

      I love helping people find success with an online business. I offer a Free Coaching Session to help you get started. Please look for an email from me in your email inbox.

      Coach Rebecca

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