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What Our Clients Have Said

Our clients are fantastic!

Our clients are fantastic!

Our coaching clients are fantastic!

  1. They are high achieving go-getters, who are seeking a faster way to grow personally and professionally.

  2. They want results and are willing to learn new and better ways to get their intentioned results.

  3. They know past success are great, but more importantly, they are willing to be coached into achieving better results.

  4. Some are business owners or self-employed professionals who are not happy with the status quo of their business and are looking for ways to improve their bottom line with online marketing.

  5. They are willing to invest in themselves. Like all aspiring self-made millionaires, they have confidence that investing in their own growth and development pays the biggest dividends.

  6. They may have employees or hired consultants to work with them or they are ready to grow by hiring a mentor to help them break through to the next level of success.

  7. They have a desire to grow their company sales to 7-figures.

  8. Some are a new business start up or have been in business for a few years and are ready to expand.

  9. We’ve successfully worked with clients who are just starting their business as well as those with annual sales of $100K up to $25M.

  10. My clients with an existing business are not interested in exhausting themselves by putting in more hours in order to grow their business and personal wealth. Instead, they want to know how to automate their business to make it more scalable so they can enjoy greater life balance.

  11. Some have been thinking of creating a product line to increase their income and achieve their goal of financial freedom.

  12. They keep their word to themselves. When they say they’re going to do something it’s considered done.

Our ideal clients want to do some of these things:

  1. Start their own online business.

  2. Learn how to build and monetize a website.

  3. Make their website more productive.

  4. Build a more profitable business.

  5. Bring home a consistent 6 figure income.

  6. Reach more high paying ideal clients.

  7. Understand SEO and build a stronger local market presence.

  8. Open branch offices or grow the business they have to be much bigger.

    Effective business coaching can help you attain greater life balance.
    Effective business coaching can help you attain greater life balance.
  9. Get more referrals.

  10. Set and/or raise their rates.

  11. Enjoy a more balanced life.

  12. Become more productive, efficient and focused.

  13. Take the mystery of running parts of their business.

  14. Turn their strong work ethic into more consistent results.

  15. Proactively run their business (instead of putting out fires all the time.

  16. Run a more productive sales force.

  17. Figure out what to delegate, and set up a system to do so.

  18. Leverage the energy they put into their business.

  19. Learn how to say no more often — without feeling guilty.

  20. Want to retain employees (or customers) longer.

  21. Reach their goals with less effort and much quicker than they thought was otherwise possible.

What a few of our clients have said…

Business coaching leads to higher profitability.

Business coaching leads to higher profitability.

When asked why they hire Rebecca, her clients consistently cite these five reasons:

  1. Her ability to “give them their life back” by helping them systematize and simplify the essential functions of business including: planning, administration, operations, and marketing.

  2. Her insightful solutions to their business problems allow them to get “unstuck” quicker, attract their ideal clients, and achieve more in a few months than they could after years of struggling.

  3. Her focus on finances and stewardship including budgeting, pricing, and creating products for their marketing funnel has lead many to increase their sales and profits by 25%-400%.

  4. Her insistence in putting their interests ahead of her own by continually seeking to deliver more than expected as cost effectively as possible.

  5. Telling the truth as she shes it with an uncanny ability to remain objective, courageous and innovative which helps her clients get to the root issues that are blocking their success.


Increased sales by 23% and profit by 32%

Every year I found myself working harder just to make ends meet only to end up at the end of the year with no profit….no way I could sell my business until you got me to focus on profit, team building and financial control. Last year was the first year in the past six where I saw an increase in both sales and profits…23% in sales with a 32% increase in profits.  Tony L., CEO Manufacturer

Focused on the priorities even when business challenges arise

Your coaching helped me focus on priories and get our team going in the same direction.  I always thought it was them that needed to change.  Thanks for helping Don and me see that for the things we don’t like in our business to change, we needed to change our company culture.                     Sherrie C., COO Refrigeration Company

Taken back control of their business (and personal life)

…last year was my best year in over twenty years of professional practice.  My billings and collections improved by 62% within the first few months.    Ellen S., Attorney

Thanks Rebecca!  You gave me the confidence to start my own business and helped me learn the real nuts and bolts of business ownership.  I have grown from being a self-employed professional to a business owner with 4 great employees.  I’m happier and less stressed than I’ve ever been.           Deb H, Owner, Bookkeeping and Consulting

Boosted their confidence to make better, quicker decisions

Our profits and revenue were flat in 2007 and 2008. When the recession hit, I felt like we were forced to cut back.  You gave us the confidence and insight we needed to advertise and market more aggressively and to launch a new service that opened up an entirely new opportunity.  2009 was the best year we have seen in years.    Grace R., Construction Company

The focus of our business coaching program is always on making you more successful.  We offer a complimentary coaching session to help us determine if coaching is a fit for you and your coach. 

If you are ready to take your business to the next level, use the contact form at the bottom of the page to schedule your first complimentary session.

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