May 12

What You Need To Know Before You Build Your Website

Would you like to know how to build a money making website?

I made a costly mistake of working with website designers before I figured out what I needed to know before building my website. As a result, my first attempts at making money online failed. Hopefully, this article about what you need to know before you build your website will keep you from making some costly mistakes.

True to my nature, I jumped into the pool before learning whether or not I was even in the right pool. I know that sounds dumb but it is the truth about how I started out with my first online  internet marketing business. It reminds me of what the late Steven Covey said about “Climbing the ladder of success only to find that your ladder is on the wrong wall”.

The first questions you must answer about building an online business are “who will you serve and what is their pain.”  Frankly, I didn’t have a clue.

Who will you serve and what is their pain?

Online internet marketing businesses work by determining who the business will serve. Knowing who you will serve describes your marketing niche. Websites that make money are strategically niched to serve a specific group of people who are seeking solutions and are willing to pay for the solutions offered.

What Kind of Site Will You Build?

Once you have determined who you will serve and what they want you can begin the process of building your website.  First you must determine what kind of site to build.  That is to say you need to be clear about your objectives for building the site. For example:

  • Will you build a blog site offering daily or weekly posts, product reviews and personal advice?
  • Will you build an authority site and invite multiple guest authors to contribute?
  • Will you build a member site and offer subscriptions and other services?
  • Will you build a sales site to sell your book or other products?
  • Will you build a static marketing site to promote your business?
  • Will you build an information site to build your credibility?

Domain Name

The next consideration is choosing a domain name. If you are an author, business coach, self-employed professional or consultant you may want to consider branding yourself with your first and last name. YourFirst nameLastname.com would be a great domain name for personal brands. You can use .com, .net or .biz but .com is the most widely recognized extension.

If you are branding in a micro-niched site  it is best to choose a domain name that is easy to spell and easy to remember.  The fewer words used the better. Try not to use hyphens and try not to use more than four words. Health.com is excellent. HealthforMenopausalWomen.com although it is descriptive is too long, hard to spell and restrictive.  Health4Women.com works better.

Before you search for a domain name, have several ideas in mind. I like to use either GoDaddy, NameCheap or NameSecure to reserve domain names. The cost of reserving a domain name runs from  $10-13 for one year.  It will cost a few extra bucks to get a private listing but it’s well worth the cost.

Website Hosts

The next thing you need to know before you build your website is who will host your site.  I had a nightmare experience with Brainhost.  My site was up and down frequently.  Brainhost is a marketing host reseller. I know from personal experience that moving a site from one host to another is very costly for a non-technical person as I am.

I have had excellent experience with sites hosted by GoDaddy and Wealthy Affiliate who is the host for this site. I would also recommend Bluehost or Host Gator.  Most website hosting companies offer a discount for multi-year contracts. You can either buy a contract for a year or go by the month.  Hosting fees range from $7-$12 per month.

Be sure to check consumer ratings before choosing your website host.

Website Themes

I love WordPress.  WordPress Themes are easy to use and relatively easy to customize.  Some themes are more flexible than others.  Some themes like Genesis offer a number of “Child Themes” that are very flexible. This site is built from a free WordPress Theme called Graphene.  WordPress is built upon a flexible platform that is easy to modify.

WordPress offers more than a thousand free themes.  Keep in mind if they are free that means you have to add more Plugins to make your site functional. HINT:  Before you decide on a theme be sure your theme is mobile device and social marketing friendly.

Many WordPress themes have been developed from vendors to fit within the WordPress support community.Check out the free WordPress themes and then go to the top developers and take a look at their templates. You’ll find a number of good templates from Elegant Themes, Theme Forest and Studio Press.

Personally, I like Optimize Press for building simple three page sales sites. Optimize Press also works well for building member sites and blogs because it has a ton of built-in features.  Most themes have a lot of built in functionality which makes it easier for novice website builders but they do have a nominal upfront cost. I paid $97 for Optimize Press which I can use over and over and more than paid for my investment with only two sales. You can get over 80 themes from Elegant Press starting at $39.00 per year.

Specific knowledge of your audience and what triggers attract them heads the list of what you need to know before you select your theme and build your website.  Website themes that fit with the look of a magazine appeal more to shoppers and active buyers whereas website themes that are more pristine appeal more to logical information seekers.

If your goal is to make money online with your internet marketing business, here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting your website theme:

  • Design your website to be about your audience
  • Pick color schemes and designs that appeal to your niche market and emote a desirable response
  • Pick themes with a lot of built-in functionality like built-in SEO and drag and drop features
  • Pick themes that are easy to customize–colors, columns, headers, graphics
  • Make sure your theme is compatible with all browsers
  • Be sure your theme supports mobile devices
  • Pick themes that can be supported with an online community

I wanted to touch on what you need to know before you build your website in this article. I have added more detail in my book, The 24 Hour Millionaire. You can purchase it from my site or at Amazon.com.

Would you like to know the secret to putting up a website in under 60 seconds?

It took me a few years of trial and error before I found a reputable online e learning community that I could recommend with confidence.  I never like to recommend products or services until I’ve had a chance to try them out and make sure they deliver on their promises.

I have tried a number of online money-making schemes in order to find what I consider to be the top of the line when it comes to making money from home.

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