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What You Need to Make Money With an Online Business| Make Money From Home

Let’s face it.  Most people do not get rich working 40 hours a week for a salary that barely covers housing, food and car expense.  If you want financial freedom you must have a consistently high income. In this post I will outline exactly what you need to make money with an online business and give you the five foundational steps you must have to make money from home which include:

  • Why a dynamic website is foundational for success

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    Make Money with Your Online Business!

  • Building a framework with website content
  • The importance of targeted traffic
  • Planning a successful opening
  • Online business owners never go it alone

Having a consistently high income is what distinguishes self-made millionaires from non-millionaires. Typical high-income earners are executives, celebrities, business owners, self-employed professionals and internet business experts.

Becoming an executive of a publicly traded company or achieving the high-income celebrity status of an actor, athlete or celebrity author although not impossible is beyond the practical realm for most aspiring self-made millionaires. But anyone can achieve their goal of financial freedom through online business ownership.

Think of launching your online business like launching a new retail or service business. Listed below are the five elements you need to make money with an online business starting with:

-1- A Dynamic Website is the Essential Foundation for Online Business Success

Think of your website like building a shopping mall.

Think of your website like building a shopping mall.

Unfortunately there are a number of online business scams that tell you the road to riches starts with internet access and their software.  But ask any experienced money-making online business entrepreneur and you too will conclude that without a website, failure is inevitable.  Slick marketers who promote financial pyramid schemes without helping you build the solid foundation of a website give a bad reputation to internet marketing.

Building a website is like building the foundation of a brick and mortar business.  A website is your platform for marketing and selling. Just like the business owner who works to understand everything there is to know about the business they are in, you need to understand how to build and manage your website.

If you were building a brick and mortar retail store, you would lay the foundation before you build the frame.  Building a successful 6 figure online business is no different.  Think of your website as the foundation for your store.

You can build a one-room store or a mini-mall with your website. Whether you choose to build a local or a global business, a dynamic website is essential for online business success.

-2- Website Content is the Framework for Online Business Success

Internet business experts agree that content is the framework of a successful online business.  Websites that generate a lot of traffic and get top ranking in search engines have quality content ranging from articles, reader comments and uploaded videos to pod casts and audio files.

Online business entrepreneurs who consistently make 6 figure incomes are those who know how to post meaningful content for their readers. Search engines are quick to pick up and give high rankings to websites that have key word rich content.

If you know how to build excellent content, search engines will promote your website and customers will come to your online business.

-3- Targeted Traffic Leads to 6 Figure Online Business Success

Okay, you’ve laid a solid foundation with a dynamic website.  You built the framework by adding a lot of quality content to attract potential customers. The next thing you need to know is how to drive targeted traffic to your site.

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Targeted Traffic

Remember the well-known real estate mantra, “Location,location,location” .  Just as having a desirable location leads to more foot traffic for a brick and mortar retail business, having more visitors to your website leads to more sales in your online business.

You could have the greatest product or service on the planet but if you do not get shoppers in your online business you will not make a 6 figure online business income.

Traffic will come to your online business as you:

  • Write more key word rich content
  • Create and post interesting videos to your site
  • Get higher Google and other SEO rankings
  • Advertise your site with Media Buys

-4- Planning a Successful Opening to Make Money

Make Money with Your Own Website!

Make Money with Your Own Website!

Once you learn a few simple skills, you can make money with your online business. There are dozens of ways to make money with an online business.  Here are a few:

  • Start a Blog and sell advertising space to big businesses or other website owners
  • Sell Amazon Products for a commission
  • Become an Affiliate and sell products for a split of the purchase price
  • Promote and sell your own products
  • Sell consulting or coaching services
  • Use your site to set appointments for your local business
  • Put Google ads on your site
  • Develop and sell your site for a profit

-5-  6 Figure Online Business Owners Never Go It Alone

Even the Lone Ranger needed his trusty guide, Tonto.  If you have desire, discipline and determination, you can become a self-made millionaire.  But it could take years if you are trying to do everything yourself without having a mentor.

While understanding the information in this post will help you get off to a good start, knowing how to apply and leverage these concepts in an optimal sequence so you do not waste time, effort and money will speed up your learning curve and help you make money from your online business faster.

Are you ready to make serious money with your online business?

It took me a few years of trial and error before I found a reputable online e learning community that I could recommend with confidence.  I never like to recommend products or services until I’ve had a chance to try them out and make sure they deliver on their promises.

I have tried a number of online money-making schemes in order to find what I consider to be the top of the line when it comes to making money from home.

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