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Building High Traffic Websites-Part 1

If you want to know the secret to online business success it’s simple become skillful in building high traffic websites. Create a high traffic website and you can make money online. Create multiple high traffic websites and you can become a self-made millionaire.

Building a high traffic website is essential for online business success.

Building a high traffic website is essential for making money online.

Building high traffic websites is essential to online business success. Think of a website as an online business platform for selling products and/or services. That means, to be successful not only do you need a well-designed website, you also need to become a master at sales and marketing.

While there are many different website builders, not all will meet your expectation for building high traffic websites. Some even offer to build your site for free.  But a word of advice…watch out…you are headed toward the land of endless up sells with little to no support when you need it.

In this series of posts, I will outline and discuss the 6 basic rudiments that are essential in building high traffic websites::

  1. Choose a Profitable Niche
  2. Choose an Appealing Domain Name
  3. Make Sure Your Web Hosting Plan is Reliable, Supportive and Cost-Effective
  4. Choose a Flexible Website-Building Platform
  5. Focus on Driving Traffic to Your Website
  6. Leverage Your Efforts with Website Automation


This post will cover the first two rudiments to building a high traffic website which are:

-1- Choose a Profitable Niche

It took me a few failed website attempts before I really understood the importance of choosing a profitable niche for building high traffic websites. I picked a niche I thought would be profitable but I had no one to mentor me and I soon ran out of steam. I’m here to help you learn from my mistakes and make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

Start with one of the big four niche categories…Success, Relationships, Health and Beauty, and Money and Business…and then narrow down your selection into a niche within the category. Websites that draw high traffic and make money which is the objective of a successful online business, are micro-niched sites that appeal to a specific group of people.

For example, within the Money and Business category there are a number of niches like, “how to make money from home”, “starting an online business”, “passive income from business”, “how to profit from day trading”, “online jobs for stay-at-home moms” and so on. Finding a profitable niche comes first from your passion and knowledge about a subject and second from what people are searching for online.

Start by making a list of things for which you have a great deal of passion and then order your list into subjects that you can write about easily. After you’ve done that, you must determine how great the demand is for the niches you are considering. The greater the demand (measured in number of monthly searches), the greater the potential is for making money.

To measure demand look at the market niches in big name retailers like Amazon, Ask.com, Dummies.com, and Google Adsense. Each of these industry giants sell in multiple niches. All you need to do is look at the books, products and categories and then select your money-making niche.

The reason you need to narrow your niche is simple.  if you don’t you will get swallowed up in a huge sea of competition.  Let’s say for example, that you know a lot about raising kids.  You could choose raising children as your niche but you would be much better off to choose a narrower niche like “raising teenagers on a budget” or go even more narrow with “affordable shoe for teenage boys”.

Maybe you love gardening.  Narrow your niche down to “organic backyard gardening”. If you love decorating, narrow your niche down to “beautiful bathrooms” or “elegant tablescapes”.  Get the picture?

-2- Choose an Appealing Domain Name

Once you have selected your niche you are ready to choose a domain name for your website. What I know to do now that I didn’t know when I created my first website is to make a list of at least twenty-five high ranking, low competition keywords before selecting the domain name (URL) of your website. You need to use a keyword research tool to find these choice keywords.

High ranking key words are those words or combination of words that people type into their Google, Bing or Yahoo browser when they are looking for information.  These words provide what the search engines term as “organic searches”.

Here is an example using the keyword phrase of “make money online” typed into a Google search browser. Take a look at the screenshot of the blog posts and articles that are found on the first page of Google.

Researching keywords help to improve page ranking in Google.

Researching keywords help to improve page ranking in Google.

Use keywords you want to rank for in your titles and meta tag descriptions.

Use keywords you want to rank for in your titles and meta tag descriptions.

My blog post, “How to Make Money With An Online Business”, ranks number 7 on page 1 of Google. Getting dozens of pages and blog posts to rank on the the first couple of pages of Google, Yahoo and Bing is one sure way to drive traffic to your website.

Understanding how to do keyword search will help you with two important aspects of building your website 1) getting highly ranked in the search engines and 2) selecting good titles for your website posts and your domain name.

Once you discover that the keywords you want to use are high ranking and get a significant amount of searches, you will have an easier time in selecting the domain name for your website.  Many successful web developers use high ranking keywords in the URL of their website which is a good idea to model.

If you simply cannot find a domain name with high ranking keywords in the title, do not despair. Proper use of the SEO All in One Plug In will help  you get the keywords you want to rank for to show up on the search engines. And, consider this, many successful websites like “Amazon”, “QuickSprout” and “Fitbe”are built on a name for the purpose of branding.

Bottom line…be thoughtful about picking your domain name and then register it.

When choosing a domain name you can choose a name to brand like “Amazon” or you can choose a name that accurately describes your niche like, “FinancialFreedomOnline.com” or “FastBellyFatLoss.com.

A third possibility for choosing a domain name is to brand yourself in the name like, “BobSmithCoaching” or “OnlineMarketingwithMaryMartin”.

How to Do Smart Keyword Search

Start by using Google Key Word Tool Box. This is a great free resource that can help you narrow your search by how many people are searching online for your niche. Even better is to use a more sophisticated keyword search tool like Jaaxy built by the founders of Wealthy Affiliate.

Jaaxy is a sophisticated keyword search tool that helps you find keywords and keyword phrases that get a high amount of searches but are still competitive.  Using a tool like Jaaxy makes it far more likely that your article or blog post will end up on page 1 of Google.

Jaaxy provides three important keyword metrics. Within minutes using these keyword metrics alone, I can put together awesome keyword lists, ones that will get ranked in Google with ease. Jaaxy offers 30 free keyword searches.  After that it is a mere $19.95 a month…not a bad price for getting your website pages highly ranked.

Domain Registrars

Once you have selected your domain name, I recommend NameCheap. You can get a domain name for as little as $7.99 for one year. You will be asked to renew your domain name yearly. So far, NameCheap offers a more reasonable renewal rate than some of the other popular domain name hosts.

GoDaddy is another popular domain name registrar.  Of the two, NameCheap has lower renewal fees but GoDaddy provides more robust customer support as well as other helpful features like share site hosting.

In my next post, I’ll give you some great information on website hosting plans and platforms.

 Have a question or a comment?  Post it below and I will respond personally.  Be sure to check out my page on Google+.



Sep 16

How to Start a Small Business Online Part 2| Build a Money-Making Website

Your website connects you with the world.

Your website connects you with the world.

In the second installment of this series of articles, How to Start a Small Business Online Part 2| Building a Website, we will explore the steps you need to take to build a money-making website to launch your small business from home.  In my last post (Read it Here), I gave you Step One of How to Start a Small Business Online with 15 powerful questions for planning your successful online business start up.

Planning is essential in any business endeavor and planning to start a small business online is no different. If you read my last post you may think, it takes a lot of work to plan a small business online and you are right.  Make no mistake, nothing that I will show you in this series of articles is a point and click system to get you to the place where you are earning  hundreds of dollars a day.

Online internet marketing scammers often promise an easy way to make money online with very little effort.  They make seem as though you can grab one of their free websites in the morning and wake up the next day with $500 added to your account. Having been scammed a couple of times, I can tell you with assurance…IT JUST AIN’T SO!

In fact, many people with good intentions to succeed with their own online business fail because of “Shiny New Object” syndrome.  The ease of starting an online business on the internet has led to it’s biggest criticism which is the widespread growth of less than reputable internet marketers who dazzle hopeful entrepreneurs with the latest and greatest shiny new object.

Shiny new object promotions go something like this…

“Watch this video of the before me living in a dump and the new me living in a mansion and driving this beautiful,expensive shiny new car that I could not afford before I found the secret, magic (very hush-hush) software program that literally sucks hundreds of people a day into this system and puts thousands of dollars in your account with just three clicks of a button…and on…an on…”

As the old saying goes, “If it looks too good to be true…it probably is.”

But here is some really good news.  You don’t need a shiny new object to succeed with online business marketing. Learning how to build a money-making website takes some work on your part but it is easier than you think.  A few years ago, I did not know that and I hired a website developer.  The only problem with that is I got a website and had no idea how to make it profitable.  It was sort of like having a beautiful car without knowing how to put gas in it and drive.  All I could do was write a few articles and look at it.  I needed training.

Step Two: How to Start a Small Business Online–Build a Money Making Website

I wrote a few earlier posts about the essentials to start a small business online with a money making website. Read them here:

12 Website Features for Online Business Success

Building a Website or Building and Online Business Part 1

Building a Website or Building an Online Business Part 2

Listed below are the sequential steps to building a money-making website.

1. Choose your niche.  Choose your niche based upon 1) your passion/interest and knowledge 2) upon it’s profit potential 3) upon it’s likelihood for growth and sustainability.

2. Choose your domain name.  Your domain name will become your URL (Universal Resource Locator).  Pick a name that you can brand or a name that has your primary key word in it.  The domain name for this site is www.24hourmillionairecoach.com.  I offer coaching for people who want to follow their passion into building an online business that makes money 24 hours  day so they can fire their boss and live life on their own terms.

3. Build your site on a flexible template like WordPress. WordPress offers more than 1,500 free themes.  Many themes come with built in features that give you color and style flexibility.

4. Make your website stand out from the crowd with a unique logo, graphic designs and outstanding pictures. Use a service like Fotolia for dynamic pictures for your website. Fotolia offers thousands of royalty free images for less an $1.00 each.

5. Add lots of interesting and relevant content to your site. Remember this:  CONTENT RULES.  Having well-written content, including video, will make or break your site.  See my article on content marketing here.

6. Get traffic to your site by submitting your website to search engines and by using SEO techniques. SEO techniques include using long tail key word phrases. Excellent key words get hundreds of daily searches and have a low competition for search engine ranking.

7. Promote your website using social networks, like MySpace, Twitter, Pintrest and Facebook. Market your site using a newsletter and email auto responder like Aweber or Get Response.

Check out our resources below to get started building your website!

Check out my Millionaire Coach Resource Page for Building Your Website

Click here for: Domains/Hosting/Site Builders

GoDaddy.com – the premier domain registration company.  Domain names can be purchased for as low as $6.99.

BlueHost – excellent, reliable web hosting for less than $10.00 per month.

Wealthy Affiliate – my number 1 choice for learning how to build an online business. Over 500 learning modules; great support from actively involved owners and community members; build and host up to 2 FREE WEBSITES while you learn the ropes; earn affiliate income while you learn.  See my review here.

Thanks for reading this post.  The next post in this series, How to Start a Small Business Online will address how to succeed in Affiliate Marketing. Please feel free to share your comments and questions!

Sep 12

Millionaire Wealth Coaching| How to Start a Small Business Online-Part1

Make money at home with your online business

Make money at home with your online business

Today’s Millionaire Wealth Coaching post is about how to start a small business online.  Before I take you through the steps of how to start a small business online, let me tell you why I love my online business work from home job.

Owning a small business is the top way to millionaire wealth. Nearly 74% of all self-made millionaires have accumulated their wealth through small business ownership. Read my article about how self-made millionaires accumulated their wealth here.

I love my online business work from home job because of these 6 reasons:

  • Compared to a brick and mortar business, an online work from home business has very low start-up cost
  • Online businesses take very little expense to run which if marketed expertly become very profitable
  • Not only can I set my own schedule and work out of my home, I can work anywhere in the world with a laptop and an internet connection
  • The possibilities for starting an online business are endless because of the global market of 3 Billion internet users
  • I get to choose my own projects to work on because I am my own boss
  • I experience enormous satisfaction because within my business niche I am providing a lot of value and helping a lot of people in their quest for financial freedom and financial success

Start By Evaluating Your Potential for Online Business Success

Before we get into the specifics of how to start a small business online, I encourage you to do a little introspection.  Operating a small business online is not a fit for every person.  Ask yourself these questions and be honest in your evaluation.

-1-Do you enjoying learning about business?

-2- What skills do you have that would adapt well to an online business?

-3- Are you a highly motivated self-starter?

-4- What is your motivation for wanting to operate your own small business online?

-5-Are you self-disciplined?

-6-Can you focus for long periods of time?

-7-Are you patient and persistent?

-8- Can you work by yourself without supervision to keep you on track?

“Yes” answers to all or most of the eight questions indicates that you have the basic qualities and skills to succeed in starting your own online business from home.

Step One: How to Start a Small Business Online—Plan for a Successful Start

So, let’s get down to the basic building blocks so you can build your own successful online business from home. Knowing how to start a small business online begins with a series of questions. Your thoughtful answers to these questions will be used to formulate a business plan. Think about each of the following questions and jot your answers down on a sheet of paper or on a Word doc of some kind.

-1- What is your business concept?  In other words, what value will you provide?  How will you help people? What need  will you fill in the marketplace?

-2- What are your three most important goals for your online business? Where do you want your business to take you five years from today?

-3- What business are you in?  What exactly is your product or service? In other words, what will you market and sell? How will you generate income?

-4- Who is your target customer? Who does your product or service serve best?  Who exactly wants your product or service? What are their needs?

-5- Why would your target customer buy your product/service? What solutions are they seeking?

-6- What is your distinct value or sales proposition? Why would your target customer buy from you instead of buying from a similar competitor? What is your competitive advantage?connect

-7- If you were searching for the product you offer, what would you want? What will make your product/service superior to others in your industry? What are the features and benefits of the product/service you offer?

-8- What if anything would keep a customer from buying from you? Think about credibility, quality, price, value, customer service, etc.

-9- What objections could a customer come up with for not buying your product/service?  How will you respond to their objections?

-10- How much capital will you need to start your online business? How will you meet your financial needs before your online business gains sales momentum?

-11- How much money does your online business need to generate each month before you can quit your day job?

-11- What will you name your business?

-12-How will you create your business brand? What will you do to promote your business?

-13- Where will you get your products /services? What costs are associated with your product/service? What is your profit margin?

-14- How many units must you sell each month to meet your personal income goals?

-15-Will your online business require any outside assistance or can you operate your business as a solo-preneuer?

In my next post, we will focus on Step Two-How to Start an Online Business—Building Your Website.

Thanks for reading this post!  Please feel free to share your comments and share this article with your network.

Aug 29

Millionaire Wealth Coaching| Start an Online Business and Earn Money

Earn Money With An Online Business

Earn Money With An Online Business

Today’s Millionaire Wealth Coaching,  Start an Online Business and Earn Money comes as a result of an email question I got from one of my readers who wants to know how to start an online business and earn money when you have less than $100 to work with. First of all, let me say, not only is that is a smart question to ask it is easily doable for anyone who wants to earn money from home with an online business.

You may be surprised to learn that many successful online businesses have been started for less than a hundred dollars.   When I use the term “successful” I should add: solo-preneuer online business that consistently make five-figure monthly incomes.

Let’s Start With a Few Examples

Making Money Online Niche: One of my online business success heroes is Pat Flynn who operates a blog website called, Smart Passive Income.  Although Pat says on his site, “I’m not a millionaire” according to his publicized monthly income reports, his monthly income is consistently $50,000 or more.  Unless you completely blow your money on a worthless consumable lifestyle, anyone with a monthly income at that level can easily invest the excess of their income into money-making assets and become a millionaire within a few years which is why I prefer online business as a top money  maker for aspiring self-made millionaires.

Organizational Technology Niche: Brett Kelly translated a user guide for a popular software for note taking and archiving called Evernote into English and published it as a “Mom’s Guide to Evernote” and “Evernote for Dummies” (published and promoted by Dummies.com). Brett now earns more than $12,000 a month.

Diet /Weight-Loss Niche:  Nathalie Lussier has a website teaching people how to lose weight and get healthy by following a raw foods diet.  Her online business website earned more than $5,000 per month in her first full year of operation.

How to Start an Online Business and Earn Money

-1- Live Your Dream

The best thing about starting an online business from home is you get to work everyday at the very thing that brings you the greatest joy.  You get to turn your passion into profit. It’s like putting your happiness in a box with a beautiful bow and selling it.

Online business or any business for that matter rarely works for negative people. If you do not have a positive dream for success, do everyone a favor and postpone your online business venture until you are pumped and absolutely convinced that you can and will succeed in realizing your dream.

Research the area of your passion to find your niche then research the keywords in that niche to select your domain name. Check out established websites in the niche you are thinking about.  Read their pages and posts and take note of the tags and key words they use.

With a little thinking and creativity,many times you can rearrange key words to get a higher ranking in the search engines.

-2- Find Out What People Really Want and Need

Look for opportunities and gaps in the marketplace. Take advantage of popular sites and exploit opportunities from those sites to fill an unmet need.

Look for opportunities to simplify the complex like a better tutoring book to pass a certification or an entrance exam. Add pictures and screen shots to an existing manual, and translate the manual into other languages.

Look for inconsistencies and controversies. This is one way to determine your money-making niche. Now days people have a lot more selection of what they watch, what they listen to and what they read.

The more narrowly defined and the better you know your niche, the more money you can make with your online business. I know that goes against the grain of most who have been taught to be available  and be knowledgeable in everything because you never know when someone somewhere will knock on your door.  But success in marketing an online business is found in developing a micro-niche of people searching for specific solutions who are ready to purchase.

-3- Determine Your Profit ModelBusiness Profitability

Before you build an online business you need to think about how you will make money.  Check out my article…

 Millionaire Wealth Coaching| How to Build a Successful Online Business

for the top five online profit models. Before you build your website decide who you will serve, what they need and what you will offer to make money. Building your website is easier when the foundational thinking is in place.

-4- Build Your Website

Starting your online business costs less than $100.  You need a domain name (I recommend GoDaddy). You can register a domain name for less than $10 with my special offer.  Next you need a website host.  Some website hosts charge as little as $10 a month for share hosting. But, hosting can cost up to $125 per month per site depending upon the bandwidth of your site. If you have a lot of videos on your site you may need greater bandwidth; but even more important is assurance that your site does not experience any downtime. I have found a source for unlimited website hosting that I will share with you.

You do not have to start your online business as a legal entity, but if you do, you can register your entity as an LLC for a filing fee of $50.00 in many states.

I have written a number of articles about building your website including:

12 Website Features for Online Business Success

Building a Website or Building an Online Business, Part 1

What You Need to Make Money With an Online Business

The point I hope you see in those articles is:

  • Building a website is easy when you have knowledge and the right tools.

  • Building a website is essential to online business success.

I have examined a number of online sources for building a website.  Some sources that offer to “build a website for free” are really up-sellers for an endless stream of marketing up-sells. Brainhost and the Home Profit System are examples of worthless sites that are promoted by internet marketing scammers.

There are a number of legitimate membership sites that teach you to build your own website.  Along with a great educational platform, many provide on-going technology support in the form of free web-site hosting, unlimited site building, and as much help as you need from the membership site founders.

The best of the membership website universities from my research is Wealthy Affiliate.  I have been a member of two other well-known online website building communities and I can say with confidence, Wealthy Affiliate is my top pick.

Other online learning communities you may want to consider are Internet Business Mastery and Ken Envoy’s Site Build It. I started my first site with Site Build It but in the long run I have found Wealthy Affiliate to offer greater support from the owners while having a more active online community and being cheaper for those who want to build multiple online businesses.

Increase Sales-5- Make Your Offer Compelling

You could have the best product in your market place and fail if you fail to make your offer compelling to your target market. If your goal is to start on online business and earn money, you are in sales and customer service.  The purpose for your online business becomes creating and keeping customers.

You must learn how to make your offer compelling to get your customer to buy from you rather than someone else, get them to buy multiple times and then get them to bring their friends and family to buy from you.

The way to do that is to first build trust and then to make your offer compelling.  In other words, you must be skillful in how to build trust with your audience as well as how to identify and write about both the features and benefits of the products and services you are offering.

-6- Be Open to Change

The world is changing at a rapid pace and no where is that change more evident than in the world of technology. The internet ten years ago is far different than the internet today.

With the impact of the internet, business operation and marketing is far different today. As a result, your potential consumers are able to shop for solutions at lightening fast speed.  They can surf the internet anywhere from their laptops, their iPads and their Smart Phones.  Internet Marketing researchers estimate that more than 5 Billion people each day will soon use mobile devices to shop and make online purchases.

Facile online business entrepreneurs must be open to change and adapt to new internet protocols and environments. By being open to change, you can adapt more easily to changing trends in consumer buying habits.

How consumers prefer to buy today is far different than it was a decade or more ago. As a result, many shopping malls have multiple vacancies. The good news about that for anyone who wants to start an online business and earn money is that there is a huge opportunity to make money and be your own boss by starting an online business in the convenience of your own home.

Stay tuned for more ways to earn money form home from the 24 Hour Millionaire Wealth Coach.

I hope you have enjoyed this post.  Please feel free to comment and share with your friends and family.

Four Your Success.

Coach Rebecca


Aug 17

The Importance of Money and Wealth

How Important is Money?

How Important is Money?

As I consider this topic, “The Importance of Money and Wealth” I realize that money and wealth hold different meanings and different places of importance to everyone who reads this post.  Money is important to anyone who has bills to pay.  It takes money to buy a car and keep it running.  It takes money to put food on the table and clothes on your back.

I think that most rational people would say that money is important. Those who say money is unimportant are in one of two places.

1)  Some people have never been in a position to be without money.  If you came from a household where money was abundant and you never had to do any real work to have money and support yourself, you may take having money for granted. Heck you may even think that you are somehow entitled or privileged above the rest.

2) Others are careless when it comes to saving money in anticipation of future needs.  If you came from a household where money was scarce and your family lived from paycheck to paycheck, you may have developed a low self-worth when it comes to earning money or worse yet a consumer spending mentality that motivates you to constantly seek shiny new objects to fill the void of low self-esteem. While you may say money is important, your actions reflect a careless attitude towards money.Beggarly Attitude

I have asked the question, “How important is money to you?” hundreds of times in coaching sessions. I often hear, “Well, you know money doesn’t buy happiness” or “I’d rather be poor than greedy.” It’s as if there is an either/or situation when it comes to money. Either you can have a lot of money and be miserable or you can be poor and be happy.

Pardon me, but as my millionaire mentor, Keith Cunningham would say, “That sounds like the hay that comes out of the back end of a horse.”

In fact that smacks of a beggarly attitude when it comes to money. That’s what the Occupy Wall Street goons would have you believe.  Follow their logic about spreading the wealth equally to others to a conclusion and you end up with a broken socialist economy instead of the robust economy that is created from the contribution of small business entrepreneurs and online business owners.

I don’t know what kind of dope theses crazies are smoking but people who work hard to create their own economy as I do and millions of successful online business owners do deserve the income they make from their creativity, discipline and diligence.

Now you may be asking, what does this have to do with online business success? I’m glad you asked that question.

What you think about money and the importance you place upon money and wealth determines your success or failure with your online business.  There are three things tied together when it comes to building a wealth with an online business.

  • Your Mindset About Money

  • Your Actions

  • The Results You Experience

With your permission, allow me to do a little coaching here starting with…

What you think becomes what you do.

What you think becomes what you do.

Your Mindset About Money and Wealth

I lost every thing I had worked seventeen years to acquire a few years ago in a devastating divorce.  At that time, my thinking was lower than spider spit. Try as I may, I could not bring myself to do anything but think about my miserable state.

The business concept that I had been successful with for seventeen years no longer worked.  So I thought it must have something to do with my level of skill. I worked to improve my skills but still I could not bring myself to the level of my past earning history.

Now don’t misunderstand my message.  Learning is vital to success.  But, you could fill your mind with Wikipedia and every website on the internet and still be a financial failure. In fact, cluttering your mind with too much information just may lead to “analysis paralysis.”

If you want to succeed with your own online business, start by feeding your mind rich thoughts from successful millionaires.  Learn to think like highly successful self-made millionaires think.

Even if your ultimate goal is not to become a millionaire, you still need a powerful, positive mindset to succeed at any level. Meditate daily on positive, truthful thoughts and then stand in front of a mirror and boldly declare your own millionaire mind intentions.

Spend some time each day reading and thinking on inspirational material.  Please trust me on this, the more confident you are, the more your self-worth will improve. When you value yourself highly, you will believe that you deserve wealth and wealth will come to you as you take massive daily action toward your income goals.

Your Actions

Action is the catalyst for online business success. But not just any action…the right strategic action.

Spend some time researching successful self-made millionaires as I have done and you will come to the same conclusion…

The major differences between self-made millionaires and the rest of the population is in the importance they give to wealth creation and the actions they take to acquire wealth. Self-made millionaires are those who take the actions to do what most non-millionaires won’t do.

Self-made millionaires take risks.  They invest in themselves.  They hire mentors. They invest in their ideas. They work to improve themselves.  They plan for financial success. They start businesses. They work hard in the early stage of their business development in order to enjoy the reward on the back end.

Don’t believe me?  Research books by Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich or Wallace Wattles The Science of Wealth or Bob Proctor, You Were Born Rich. Check out the teachings of Denis Waitley, Brian Tracy or Tony Robbins.

What I find to be fascinating is all of these mentors came from poverty, built their mind to accept wealth as their destiny and then took the right action to become wealthy.  What that says to me is anyone with desire, discipline and determined action can become wealthy.

Your Results

The results you get in life are based upon the actions you take.  One of my mentors said something to me that was brutal at the time but it helped me get over myself.  He said,

If you don’t like the results you have in your life, change your mind and change your corresponding actions.”

Well blunt as that is, he was right. You and I are responsible for the results we get in our life.  Maybe you had “bad parents” or unfortunate events occurred in your life. The bottom line is still the bottom line. if you don’t like your results you must change your actions.

Put Money In It’s Proper Place

I think we can all agree that money is important but never let your desire for wealth override your need for freedom.

While many business owners and online business entrepreneurs pursue money for the purpose of becoming wealthy, I have chosen a different route.  I seek to earn money for the purpose of increasing my freedom and bettering my lifestyle.  I’ve been in the place where I wedged myself into a corner and had to bring in money just to pay for a lavish lifestyle.

Believe me, doing that is stressful. I don’t want to do that so I have determined to put money in it’s proper place in my life.

By making that choice, I feel good about turning away opportunities to make money that would disturb my life balance and restrict my personal freedom. For example, I limit my one-on-one coaching times to ten hours per week.  Consequently, my calendar contains very few fixed appointments.  This doesn’t mean I’m idle.  It just means I spend my time doing what I freely choose to do instead of what others would have me do.  I require this level of flexibility to do my best work for my self and my clients.

By choosing how I spend my time earning money rather than obsessing on how much money I earn each day, I am able to keep money in its proper place.  My thinking about keeping money in it’s proper place comes from my value of being guided by my ultimate life purpose and following my passion to help people prosper and be their best possible self.  By staying focused on my purpose I don’t get wrapped up in less important concerns like doing deceptive marketing or meeting an absurd sales quota.

One of the main reasons I chose to build an online business as my method of doing business is so that I could put the products I create and the affiliate partners I choose on autopilot.  By automating my business, I am able to spend more quality time with my family and spending time pursuing other interests.

Automating my business also affords me the time I need to develop the high-quality content readers like you enjoy. Writing high quality content leads to more traffic to my website which helps me make more money.

By realizing that money is indeed important to building my personal wealth and putting it in it’s rightful place, I am no longer stressed by chasing money.  The more I focus on providing better value to my customers, the more money comes to me.  I know to some that seems like a paradox, but in truth it is my reality.

I want to leave you with my Ultimate Success Formula..

Ultimate Success Formula


Please feel free to leave your comments and don’t forget to spread the love to your family and friends.

Aug 16

Starting an Online Business to Make Money at Home

Online Business Success at Home

Online Business Success at Home

One of the most frequent questions I get from stay at home moms, people who are unemployed and looking for a job or aspiring internet millionaires is about starting an online business to make money at home. Many people want to know what to do to have online business success at home because they are seeking both financial freedom and a great lifestyle.

I read an article in Inc. Magazine written by Tamara Schweitzer, “How to Make a Million in Your Pajamas”, where she cited a report (October 2012) by Network Solutions about the effect entrepreneurs who work from home are having on the economy.

According to the Network Solutions study, home-based business owners are also generating significant revenue. Thirty-five percent bring in more than $125,000, and 8 percent are making more than $500,000, the report found.”

I love the lifestyle of running an online business from home.  I’m not tied to anyone’s schedule except my own. I get to work on projects of my choice and set and achieve my own income goals. Compared to the daily 7 to 7 grind I used to experience working for someone else, my life is great.

If you have been reading my posts, you know that figuring out the process for starting a business to make money at home at home has been my quest for the past several years.  When you are left with a pile of debt, no home, no business, no job and no capital to start a new business you really need to learn everything you can about how to master online business success at home.

Listen to Your 15 Year Old

What I find so utterly amazing is that there are teenagers who are earning four figures a month from their internet business sites.  How do they do that? Well, unlike me and many of my readers from the “Baby Boomer” generation, these young people grew up learning about the power of technology.

They understand how to use social marketing to drive traffic.  Social marketing was invented in their generation so it’s easy for them to build a wall on Facebook, set up a Twitter account, paste pictures on Pintrest and so on.  They understand how to use Google to do research.

Heck these smart kids can do all that on their lunch hour just using their iPads or smart phones.Unlike me who was a complete technology novice or what some refer to as an internet newbie, these kids adapted quickly to the world of online business.

Many found success with online gaming sites, social sites and eLearning sites.  They didn’t wait to figure everything out before they threw their websites up…they saw what others were doing and went out and did the same.

I have to tell you.  I admire that kind of bold gutsy action. I know of one 14 year old boy who wrote an eBook on skate boarding and snow boarding and made a quarter of a million dollars. To tell you the truth, I’m kind of envious.

Now What?

Is it Time to Fire Your Boss?

Is it Time to Fire Your Boss?

So what do you need to do to assure online business success at home if you are a retiree without any computer experience?  Or, maybe you are a stay-at-home mom or dad and you really need to bring in some extra income or you hate your dead-end job and you would really love to tell your boss to take a hike but you have to find a way to replace your income. If that is you, read on.

I mean c’mon…if a 15 year old kid can make money with an online business at home you can too.

Build a Money-Making Website

OK here is where things get a little dicey for internet newbies…you know who you are…you are scared to death of getting scammed and you don’t understand terms like”pinging”, “RSS feeds”, “Affiliate Marketing”, “CPA” (that’s Cost Per Action…not a title for an accountant).  You don’t know if you should build a blog site or an eCommerce site. And you sure as heck feel like you are all thumbs when it comes to building your own site.

Well, guess what.  That was me.  My first site was a failure.  I hired a web designer, who was great, by the way, but I didn’t know what website features I needed and I didn’t know what to do once the site was live. So, after seven months of indulging my hobby in writing, I shut the site down. No traffic and no money. Another internet failure bites the dust.

Build Traffic to Your Site

In a moment, I’m going to tell you how to build your own a great looking website.  It is easier than you think; but before I do, let me give you a little free coaching advice.

The biggest difference in businesses who succeed and those who fail comes down to sales and marketing. Now don’t get nerdy on me and think, “Well you have to be a smart money manager and you have to be smart about delivering your product and so forth.”  Of course you do. But without sufficient traffic to your business…you will fail.

If you can build a significant flow of traffic to your online business site, you can generate income from it. Not understanding how to generate traffic to their online business site is why most well-intentioned internet newbies fail.

I spend a great deal of time with my online business coaching clients in teaching them specific strategies to draw traffic to their website.  It’s not rocket science.  It’s easy to learn and easy to do, but it does take time and you have to be strategic when it comes to marketing.

Let me just say this, building traffic to your website is not based upon gimmicks and trickery.  In fact, it is just the opposite. It’s mainly about providing real value to your audience with rich content and then harnessing  WOMP…word of mouth power…but that is a subject for another post.

A Vastly Superior Solution

Okay…so you are not 15 years old or you and you and your 15 year old can’t communicate so technology is a major hurdle.  Even if you are a technology whiz, you struggle with driving traffic.  What do you need to do to enjoy online business success from the comfort of your home?

What I recommend as the place to start is an online eLearning university called Wealthy Affiliate.  Wealthy Affiliate is an internet newbies dream come true for a bundled solution to building a money-making website.  You start out with a free membership but unlike so many other online internet learning membership communities that boot you out after a week, you can keep your free membership and learn how to build your own website from online business success experts for as long as you want.

These guys are so good at building websites that they can show you how to launch a site in 60 seconds.  No joke…it really is that easy.  You can see it for yourself on this video.

The website templates you will use have all the technical features like RSS feeds, social marketing add-ins, blog pages and anything else you need to build a successful platform to launch your online business. Now, you will create your own content for your online business website using your own creative ideas. But along with learning to build your website, you can learn how to monetize your site.  As an added benefit, you can even earn affiliate income while you learn.

What If I Already Have My Own Website?

If you already have your own website, Congratulations! You have jumped over the first major hurdle to online business success.  Many members of Wealthy Affiliate had their own sites before signing on. But you still need to make more money or you would not be reading this post.

If you have your own site and you become a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, you can put up as many websites as you choose, all hosted for one low-cost annual membership fee that entitles you to earn a generous affiliate income as a Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate.  Plus, you’ll learn how to drive more traffic to your online business website.

In addition, I will send you my free monthly newsletter with my latest reviews, marketing strategies and money-making techniques. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal.

Here’s the bottom line. Running your own online business from home can be a very rewarding experience.  Never let your lack of technical knowledge be a deterrent. Take a look at Wealthy Affiliate and decide for yourself.  I am here to help you prosper and live the spectacular life you deserve.

If you have found value in this post, please share both your comments and this post with your friends.

For Your Success,


Aug 15

How To Make Money With An Online Business

Top Ways to Become a Millionaire

Top Ways to Become a Millionaire

How to make money with an online business seems to be top of mind for millions of hopeful internet marketers.

Learning how to make money with an online business sure topped my list in 2006 when I lost my business, home and livelihood and try as I may could not find a salaried job with the kind of income and benefits I needed at the time.

I had to find a way to make money and to do that I reasoned that I needed to build an online business. Many people are facing a similar situation. Some find themselves unemployed with no job prospects after years in the labor force; others find themselves in a world of financial hurt after the death or divorce from a spouse.  Still others must learn how to make money with an online business to supplement their household or retirement income.

From my perspective the top reason to learn how to make money with an online business is to pursue your own freedom. Regardless of where you find yourself today, I hope this post will help you zero in on how to make money at home with an online business. You can see my recent article on the 4 Keys to Online Business Success here  http://www.streetarticles.com/internet-marketing/4-keys-to-online-business-success

Set Up a Simple Blog Website

If you are looking for a little extra cash to save up for a new car or your next great family vacation, setting up a simple blog site might be just the ticket.  After a few months of posting, many bloggers find themselves earning a thousand or more a month from advertising revenue and affiliate links. But, if you are looking to replace a full time income and benefits as I was, you may need to go beyond the basics of blogging.

In any case, you will need a website.  Please don’t let that freak you out as it did me a few years ago when I was at the mercy of professional web designers and couldn’t afford the price tag.  I have a huge respect for web designers but at the time, I needed to make money quickly and couldn’t spare the cash to get a nice looking website.

Here is another  big piece of advice….DO NOT FALL FOR FREE WEBSITE OFFERS…I’m talking about free blog sites from internet marketing scammers like Empower Network or Brainhost and the HomeProfit System.  Please read my reviews before you get lured into letting these companies build a free website for you.

With some of the reputable online learning universities like Wealthy Affiliate, you can easily build your own blog website and learn how to start making money from home.  Wealthy Affiliate lets you start with a free membership.

Getting Set Up To Make Money With An Online Business

Before I get into listing all the ways to make money with an online business let’s get clear about what it takes to set up an online business. Not all businesses can be operated on line, but every business can be marketed online. If you are a dentist, a hair stylist or a tradesman of some kind, you must have a physical location for your business, but many other types of businesses can easily be operated online as long as you have a website and a way to deliver products and services to customers.

Since e-commerce is at the heart of online business if follows that you need:

  • A merchant account to collect credit card payments

  • A shopping cart software system

  • A secure server

  • Software to process transactions and send appropriate information to all parties of the transaction

Phew! That already seems pretty complicated…at least that what I thought when I began to read about how to make money with an online business. But let me help you out here…if making money with an online business were really all that technical, no one would venture into it and no one except for those very few with a technical background would succeed.

Fortunately some very smart technical gurus figured that out and used that challenge to come up with all the stuff you need in one bundled service and that’s how merchant transaction companies like PayPal and eJunkie were born.

Now that you know you don’t have to be a technical guru, let me show you 21 ways to make money from home with an online business to get you started.

21 Ways to Make Money From Home

  1. Make Money From Home

    Make Money From Home

    Set up an Ebay or Amazon Store

  2. Set up an online boutique store and market your own hand-made specialty items like jewelry, handbags, custom printed clothing, etc.

  3. Set up a virtual store with Volusion or Shopify

  4. Market rentals and houses for sale for a finders fee

  5. Become an online matchmaker and sell subscription fees

  6. Become an authoritative content provider and make money with sponsored ads

  7. Design and flip websites

  8. Buy domain names and flip them; see GoDaddy.com

  9. Become an online sales person and pitch affiliate products

  10. Market consulting services; charge hourly fees for working on specialized projects

  11. Become a Virtual Coach; offer eCoaching services, group coaching or 1-on-1 coaching services to small business owners, executives or people who want life coaching

  12. Write product reviews and market affiliate products

  13. Sell educational services like tutoring or learning to pass certification tests

  14. Become a virtual assistant and work for West At Home, American Airlines or any major financial service company like Charles Schwab or MetLife

  15. Market your IT or writing skills on ODesk, Elance, Fiverr or RentaCoder

  16. Turn your expertise into an online product funnel by creating and selling your own information products such as Reports, Ebooks, Training Programs, Audio Programs. How to Learning Videos

  17. Create and sell software products to assist internet marketers

  18. Create and sell Apps for Kindle readers, iPhones, Smart Phones and iPads

  19. Create a subject-specific Members Only site and charge monthly fees

  20. Become a Reviewer for local businesses and get paid through referral fees

  21. Become a Self-Help Guru and market online seminars, self-help books and inspirational videos.

Final Words of Advice on How to Make Money with An Online Business

something to think aboutPick one of the ways that interests you the most to make money at home listed above and don’t try to do too many things at once. Focus is one of the keys to success with an online business or any make money from home venture. By focusing on one venture, you will be applying the Law of Focus which says,

“Whatever you focus intently on grows to become your harvest.”

Don’t try to be all things to all people. The most successful online business ventures are niched to serve a specific target audience with specific solutions to their problems. Just as you can’t spread yourself too thin and succeed, you cannot possibly be all things to all people. Doing so makes absolutely no sense from a marketing point of view and it becomes a sure path for burnout from an operating point of view.

Get help from someone who knows the ropes. It takes awhile to make money with a new start-up business of any kind and an online business is no different.  Do not be fooled by a slick internet marketer who tells you otherwise. The learning curve can be steep because there are a number of skills to be mastered and strategies to learn. Having a mentor to guide you will make a huge difference in your learning curve. Never be afraid to ask for help.

Got Questions?

Got Questions?

As always, thank you for reading this post.  Please feel free to spread the love and share it with your friends and family. Join the discussion by leaving your comments to this question in the comment section below:

What is your biggest challenge when it comes to making money from home with an online business?

Aug 13

Millionaire Wealth Coaching| How Millionaires Think

How you think determines your failure or success with money.

How you think determines your failure or success with money.

In today’s millionaire wealth coaching post, I will help you understand “How Millionaires Think” by giving you six powerful beliefs millionaires have about themselves.  Knowing these beliefs will not only give you greater insight into how millionaires think, it will give you the keys to building financial success.

My millionaire mentor, Jim Rohn said,

Your inner world controls your outer world.

Please pause and let that sink in.  That truth could be the defining difference in whether or not you become a financial success or continue to struggle.

Outlined below are six powerful beliefs that millionaires have about themselves that you can very easily embrace to empower yourself on your road to financial security.

Millionaires consider themselves worthy of receiving an abundance of wealth.

What you think about yourself is one of the most powerful catalysts to building significant financial wealth.  If you do not consider yourself worthy to enjoy wealth in abundance you will sub-consciously block every attempt you make to build wealth.

In order to enjoy financial success, you must believe in yourself and consider yourself worthy to have great wealth. Self-esteem and wealth go hand in hand. If you believe you are capable of adding significant value to others, you must then believe that you are worthy of receiving abundant income for the value you create.

Millionaires have a strong desire to be wealthy.

Napoleon Hill said, “Desire to be wealthy precedes all wealth creation.” Millionaires are those who have a strong internal belief and desire to create wealth.  They know having more wealth brings greater options and greater opportunities in life.

Their desire to create wealth stimulates their subconscious mind to create wealth-making opportunities. Because of their intense desire to create wealth, millionaires persist in the face of opposition.  The more intense your desire is the more likely you are to work through obstacles and challenges and go on to find ways to succeed while others who only wish for success quit soon after opposition presents itself.

Millionaires have a strong determination to succeed.

Determination to succeed and desire to be wealthy go hand in hand. While there are those, like Mother Teresa, Billy Graham or Mahatma Gandhi  whose life purpose is truly sacrificial, most people must have a strong determination to succeed in order to make forward progress on their goals.

The same quality of self-determination that is in top-performing athletes, musicians, and CEOs is in self-made millionaires. Many millionaires have a competitive spirit when it comes to  achieving success. Their competitive spirit leads them to excellence in their area of competence.  They continually strive to be the best they can be in their field of expertise.

Millionaires have a strong discipline when it comes to building wealth.Thinking Rich

A strong sense of discipline is what separates many millionaires from the masses.  Millionaires apply themselves to learning. They invest readily in their own development. Whatever it is that they need to learn, they invest in.

More than any socioeconomic group, millionaires spend time in learning how to build wealth. They educate themselves in investing, building businesses and saving taxes. They typically spend more time planning their wealth (more than ten hours per month) than people of lesser means do.

Millionaires choose methods and strategies to build their wealth that are different from the non-wealthy.

Hopefully this does not come as a big shock to you but, except for highly compensated executives and high-commissioned sales people, millionaires work for themselves. They never trade their valuable time for a paycheck from an employer.

Millionaires own businesses.  They invest in income producing assets. They use their money, their talent and their time to make money.

Millionaires love their work and plan to continue working as long as they are able.

Unlike 95% pf the labor force, millionaires never plan on retiring.  I have interviewed nearly 300 self-made millionaires and upon asking them, “When do you plan to retire?”, the answer was almost always the same–“I can’t see myself retiring.  I love what I do.  I might slow down and travel a little more or do more consulting work but I can’t see myself retiring.”

Thanks for reading this post. I hope it has helped you to think about how millionaires think that may be different than your current mindset about creating wealth. I would love to discuss this topic with you!  Please feel free to comment below and as always, I hope you will share this post with your friends and family.

I Believe in Your Success!

Coach Rebecca

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