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Feb 21

Building High Traffic Websites-Part 1

If you want to know the secret to online business success it’s simple— become skillful in building high traffic websites. Create a high traffic website and you can make money online. Create multiple high traffic websites and you can become a self-made millionaire. Building high traffic websites is essential to online business success. Think of …

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Aug 17

The Importance of Money and Wealth

As I consider this topic, “The Importance of Money and Wealth” I realize that money and wealth hold different meanings and different places of importance to everyone who reads this post.  Money is important to anyone who has bills to pay.  It takes money to buy a car and keep it running.  It takes money …

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Aug 13

Millionaire Wealth Coaching| How Millionaires Think

In today’s millionaire wealth coaching post, I will help you understand “How Millionaires Think” by giving you six powerful beliefs millionaires have about themselves.  Knowing these beliefs will not only give you greater insight into how millionaires think, it will give you the keys to building financial success. My millionaire mentor, Jim Rohn said, Your …

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Aug 03

Millionaire Wealth Coaching| How To Think Rich

Ready for a little millionaire wealth coaching–let’s start with how to think rich. Ask anyone who is a millionaire and they will tell you that in order to build millionaire wealth one of the first things you must learn is how to think rich. Let me tell you one thing I learned from several millionaire …

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Jul 25

How to Think About Money

In this post, “How to Think About Money”, I will outline 6 purposes for money. Thinking about money in terms of these 6 purposes for money will help you set appropriate goals for earning money and hopefully help you expand your thoughts when it comes to how to think about money. Money seems to be …

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Jul 25

Top 7 Ways to Become a Millionaire

After several years of interviewing and researching millionaires, I have distilled the top 7 ways to become a millionaire in this post. They are: Develop a business with scalable, million dollar sales Become a “How-To-Guru” by writing, coaching and promoting books, informational programs, how-to books and other IP (Intellectual Property) on the internet Pursue an …

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Jul 23

How to Generate Passive Income

You may be surprised to learn that one of the major differences between self-made millionaires and non-millionaires is: self-made millionaires know how to generate passive income. Self-made millionaires have learned the that the secret to building lifetime wealth is in learning how to generate passive income through leverage. In an earlier post, (Read it here) …

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Jul 10

Road Map to Financial Freedom| 7 Steps to Financial Freedom Part 2

In the first part of this series, Road Map to Financial Freedom, I outlined the first 3 steps you should consider when choosing financial freedom as your way of life.  You can read that page by CLICKING HERE. Steps 1-3 included: -1- Recognize the Potential in Yourself to Create Wealth, -2-  Choose to Become Self-Reliant, …

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