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Jun 14

How to Become a Millionaire| Top 6 Tips for Becoming a Millionaire

I am often asked “how to become a millionaire”. The latest annual report of U.S. millionaires from the Spectrum Group in Chicago posted an increase of close to 200,000 new millionaires added in 2012.  That brings the total to 8.6 millionaires in the United States alone. Would you like to know the secret to becoming …

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Jun 05

The Business of Internet Marketing|Making Money From Home

Internet marketers are a smart breed of entrepreneurs. They understand the business of internet marketing. Businesses exist to exchange the value of a product or service for money.  Businesses that generate sales in excess of expense make a profit.  More than 70% of self-made millionaires are those who own a business that is both profitable …

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May 13

Creating Financial Freedom

I love to write about creating financial freedom.  Nothing excites me more than helping people with their goal of creating financial freedom. But, financial freedom to some is different than others. In this article I will help you think through what creating financial freedom means to you. Years ago industrial corporations defined financial freedom for …

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May 08

Three Money Making Methods

Would you like to make money while you sleep? While there are hundreds of ways to make money, my millionaire mentor taught me that there are only three money making methods that aspiring millionaires need to understand. The three money making methods are: Active Income Passive Income Portfolio Income Understanding how self-made millionaires make money …

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May 07

You Can Become a Self-Made Millionaire

Think with me for a minute about how your life would change if you were a self-made millionaire.  With specific know how and the right business model you can become a self-made millionaire. How would having financial freedom impact your life? Many people give up before they hit their financial freedom money goal. They quit …

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